Sans Souci reveals exquisite light collection

Sans Souci, a leading designer and producer of glass and lighting installations, has unveiled the groundbreaking Raw collection, a new design idea that seeks beauty and creativity from opposing viewpoints. The RAW line focuses on making the material the hero. Each component is a bold and distinct statement piece that reflects the intrinsic properties of […]

Antica Ceramica reveals bathroom tiles collection

Antica Ceramica, known for its trailblazing developments in the tile business, proudly presents its most recent line of bathroom tiles. The new line showcases Antica Ceramica’s commitment to design quality and innovation by seamlessly combining safety features with classic elegance. Crafted with painstaking attention to detail, each tile in the collection highlights the tile’s natural […]

Exquisite lamp collection by Luxaddi

Luxaddi has announced the release of its latest lamp line, destined to reinvent the essence of interior illumination with an unrivalled blend of sophistication and timeless elegance. Each lamp in this collection is meticulously crafted and motivated by a commitment to exceptional craftsmanship, combining current design sensibilities and classical aesthetics seamlessly. Brass Accent Lamp, a […]

Nature inspired glass decor by Arjun Rathi

Known for his unique light collections that combine art, design, and functionality, renowned Mumbai-based designer Arjun Rathi, Principal at Arjun Rathi Design, Founder of Rural Modern Glass Studio, and Co-Founder of Design Democracy, offers advice on glass décor pieces inspired by nature that will add elegance and natural beauty to your home. Take inspiration from […]

Dialogues by Nirmals offers kids room with Coordonne Murals

Dialogues by Nirmals exclusively features India wallpapers by the renowned Spanish brand Coordonné. They’ve launched a new mural series, Random Kids by Coordonné, that brings tonnes of fun and a touch of enchantment into your children’s rooms. Coordonné, a Barcelona-based company, is well-known for its high-quality wall coverings and fabric collections. ‘Random Kids’ is full […]