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Sans Souci introduces FLUX light collection

Leading glass and lighting installation designer and manufacturer Sans Souci presents the cutting-edge Flux series, a fresh take on design that aims to create creativity and beauty between opposing viewpoints. By pushing the boundaries of what a chandelier can be, the Flux collection gives your room a visually striking focal point. With meticulous attention to […]

Luxurious furniture collection by Vita Moderna

Heralding a new era of luxury living, Vita Moderna presents the exclusive arrival of Flexform’s Perry Collection. The Perry Collection marks a milestone in the world of contemporary design, offering astute customers unparalleled sophistication. The Perry Collection embodies Flexform’s commitment to excellence and Vita Moderna’s dedication to curating the finest furnishings. With its softly upholstered pieces […]

RR Decor introduces Avanti collection for interior decor

RR Décor’s latest masterpiece, the ‘Avanti Collection,’ experiences the appeal that flawlessly merges sophistication and comfort, crafting a space that authentically reflects your unique style and personality. The Avanti Collection has been thoughtfully designed to infuse your interior spaces with elegance and lavishness. The harmonious blend of refined design and unparalleled comfort is the inspiration […]

Floral style vase collection by Daum at Opulin

Renowned for its exquisite luxury home accessories, Opulin introduces its newest line-up, the Floral Style Vase Collection by Daum. The brand continues to define the pinnacle of sophistication and elegance in home decor under the visionary guidance of Dhara Shroff and Reema Shah. Elevate your home decor with the exquisite Arum collection, now enhanced with […]

Bay Window introduces furniture designs

Leading interior retail business Bay Window, which specialises in offering premium furniture pieces, presents a fine selection of dining tables and chairs that have been extensively chosen to enhance dining occasions to new heights. Highlights include the Livingston dining table and Tangent dining chairs, which effortlessly combine style and robustness. With its striking finish made […]

Diamond Marble Bathtub Collection

Indulge in the epitome of luxury and sophistication with the Diamond Marble Bathtub Collection, where timeless elegance meets contemporary opulence. Presenting the DIAMOND Marble Bathtub from Boca do Lobo’s exquisite Diamond Collection, a tribute to luxury and refinement. This exceptional assortment, born from the enduring allure of diamonds, pays homage to the precious stone’s timeless […]

ILDL transforms farmhouse with innovative outdoor lighting

This creative endeavour demonstrates ILDL’s dedication to producing a coherent and engaging outdoor experience by skillfully fusing lighting, architecture, and landscape design. Innovative Design Group (IDG), a leader in design and lighting, presents ILDL, a revolutionary outdoor lighting solution that revitalises farmhouse aesthetics. The farmhouse is a marvel of architectural design, with an upper level that […]

Avit Lifestyle with Hästens enhances sleep experiences

Celebrating luxury, innovation, and design, Avit Lifestyle is marking 15 years of its relationship with the globally known Swedish company Hästens with a historic event. This milestone signifies a collaborative journey towards recreating the essence of luxury living in Indian homes, with an emphasis on unmatched comfort, customised workmanship, and sustainable elegance. It symbolises more […]