Home Product Profile ‘Eden’ lighting collection by Sources Unlimited
‘Eden’ lighting collection by Sources Unlimited

‘Eden’ lighting collection by Sources Unlimited


Sources Unlimited presents Windfall’s “Eden” lighting collection, which consists of sculptural pieces that are inspired by flowers and can be customised to create illuminated retreats in various places.

One of the first companies in the Indian market to offer premium international furniture, accessories, and lighting solutions, Sources Unlimited, recently launched a stunning lighting collection called “Eden”—Walking in Paradise by Windfall.

This sculpture, which was inspired by the organic beauty of flowers, is made up of 25 exquisitely created blooms that are tastefully suspended by two adjustable wires from a metal branch. Each item, which is meant to create a personal haven, floats freely and is lit from above, converting any area into a haven of light and artistic beauty.

The unparalleled personalisation options of the Eden series are well-known. From a carefully selected colour sheet, customers can select up to six eye-catching hues, creating countless combinations to suit a variety of home design styles. In addition, the collection provides a range of metal treatments, such as bronze, nickel, chrome, gold, copper, and plating, to suit both ultra-modern and classic interior design styles.

In 2016, the collection has been broadened to include the Eden Crown, a circular flower arrangement that further amplifies its visual appeal, adding to its attractiveness.

For more details, Visit : https://sourcesunlimited.co.in/



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