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Sans Souci reveals Charm Lighting Collection

Sans Souci reveals Charm Lighting Collection


Sans Souci is pleased to present Charm, a breathtaking lighting line by Sara Moroni that combines technology and art to light up houses like priceless jewels.

Sans Souci, a top producer of designer lighting, presents its newest line, Charm, at Design Shanghai 2024. Sara Moroni, an award-winning designer, created the Charm collection, which features intriguing objects that accentuate homes with a distinct mood and resemble priceless diamonds. These works reflect light and individuality, much like a valuable piece of jewellery. This distinctive line of lights achieves amazing lighting effects by being the ideal fusion of art and technology. Charm installations are composed of fascinating glass spheres that have a strong jewel-like quality. Handblown, each spherical also conceals a luminous sphere within. Only when the sculpture is illuminated does the beauty of the inner sphere become visible; as the light filters through, it takes on an unexpected and novel shape.

Simple accents paired with attractive, clean geometric shapes make for a charming mix. Inspired by the way a jewellery item can elevate and change the wearer’s look, each lamp is a one-of-a-kind creation designed to be the focal point of your home. Designer Sara Moroni says, “Colour, shape, texture, and proportion are very important in jewellery, which is where inspiration for the Charm collection came from.” Especially for ladies, it was traditional in Renaissance Italy to improve one’s look by accessorising one’s attire with priceless pieces. Many portrait paintings demonstrate that men were not an exception. Jewellery had a significant role in fashion, and lighting enhances any area.”

The distinct nanocoating technology and methods utilised by Sans Souci enable the surface to interact with light and produce an ethereal impression, contributing to the charm and mystique of the Charm collection. Gold, silver, and pink gold versions of this distinctive finish are offered to match the decor and offer a touch of distinct elegance.

“The sphere is the most perfect shape in the universe, capable of holding an entire universe or a great secret, which is why it is the ideal choice for the Charm collection,” says Martin Cháb, CEO of Sans Souci. We can add depth and interest to each glass sphere thanks to our own nanocoating process, experimenting with shape and light to produce genuinely one-of-a-kind creations that will enhance any area. The Charm line features floor and table lamps in addition to two pendants, the sphere and hemisphere. The international exhibition Design Shanghai 2024 is where it will make its debut.

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