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NYC private residence décor by Covet House

With over 1700 products and 1300 inspirations ranging from midcentury to current classic designs, COVET HOUSE is the most potent instrument for stimulating creativity, making it an ideal fit for our project. The ideal method to create an elegant interior design that is both classic and retro at the same time is to trust in […]

Stylised ceiling designs by A Square Design

A prominent architectural firm famous for its creative approach in the interior design field, A Square Design, is marking a paradigm shift in architectural excellence that captivates patrons with a fusion of contemporary aesthetics with attractive ceilings. The ceiling design shines out as a statement in itself, exceeding conventional boundaries and leaving the audience to […]

White Hanger’s timeless elegance

This is more than simply a store; it’s an architectural and artistic marvel that combines refinement, grandeur, and a dedication to providing the best possible shopping experience. White Hanger is a distinguished retail oasis that rises above the ordinary, located in the centre of Delhi, where sophisticated fashion fans search for the height of luxury. […]

Modern lighting designs

Explore the world of modern lighting design, which has shaped a beautiful interior space.  Modern materials and inventive designs combine to create fixtures that are the height of style and functionality. Come along as we delve into the fascinating realm of sculptural lighting and learn about the design movements that have shaped interior spaces over […]

ILDL transforms farmhouse with innovative outdoor lighting

This creative endeavour demonstrates ILDL’s dedication to producing a coherent and engaging outdoor experience by skillfully fusing lighting, architecture, and landscape design. Innovative Design Group (IDG), a leader in design and lighting, presents ILDL, a revolutionary outdoor lighting solution that revitalises farmhouse aesthetics. The farmhouse is a marvel of architectural design, with an upper level that […]

Luxurious lamp collection by Luxaddi

Luxaddi’s classic elegance will add a touch of charm to any area. Their magnificent selection of traditional lighting makes every corner and crevice seem graceful, turning your house into a happy palace. Luxaddi has launched its translucent lamp line, which is a monument to innovation and excellence. Regardless of the wall colour or décor theme, […]

Arjun Rathi introduces Channapatna Linear series

Arjun Rathi Designs recently unveiled his most recent creation, the Channapatna Linear series, which features blown glass modules from the prestigious Shikhara collection. Mumbai-based Principal at Arjun Rathi Design and co-founder of Design Democracy and Rural Modern Glass Studio, Arjun Rathi is renowned for his distinctive light collections that combine design, art, and functionality. This […]

Rosha introduce new light collection

Discover the Ideal Gift for Your Workaholic— Bibliophile For the dedicated workaholic and bookworm in your life, start a journey of thoughtful gifting with Rosha’s excellent selection. This distinctive range of lights blends practicality with literary allure, making it ideal for lighting up not only areas but also the hearts of people who find comfort […]