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After 30 years, I decided to create my own brand

After 30 years, I decided to create my own brand


Carpets have been a common trope in fantasy fiction, but its more that, there’s money to be made. Insigne Carpets is one such success story. We speak to Asif Rahman, CEO, Insigne Carpets about his introduction to the world of carpets, his journey so far and more.

In a world which is increasingly globalized, how has it managed to retain the magic and the charm of carpets, something that is traditional, unique and ancient?
Art was never way behind the advancement of science and technology.  The carpet industry moved from floral to geometrical to abstract to fusion. With time pattern and technology evolved to keep the pace of time. The art of weaving is never lost in time.

Was it your association with Tai Ping that the world of carpets engrossed you or was it a planned effort?
Nothing inspired me to get into the carpet industry. I was looking for a job and I got a job in this industry. Once I was in, my love for carpets kept growing each day. In my journey of 30 years, I worked for different carpet companies in all possible positions. This gave me the opportunity to learn everything from design to production and from fibre to floor. When I found myself enlightened with the 360-degree approach, I decided to create my own brand with the best people in my industry. My journey with “Insigne” began.

How do you source the raw material for the product you manufacture, likewise how much time does it take to weave a custom-designed piece?

It took years to identify the best raw material to be resourced from across the world and clear anticipation of yearly requirement helped us establish the relationship with the largest players in the market. Be it wool from New Zealand or the UK, latex from the USA or sisal from South Africa all are lined up through a great supply chain for a seamless manufacturing process in our mill. The timeline to manufacture a custom carpet depends upon the quality, intricacy of the pattern and finishing type expected. We are producing custom Rug between 8 weeks to 24 weeks which are regular except for some exception where we need over 2 years to finish one piece.


What according to you is a good carpet? What are some of the parameters one needs to take a look at before making a purchase?
There is no good carpet or bad carpet. It is dependent upon the user as what he wants or what they like. One carpet is not good for all the locations. So, the buyer needs to be particular about the location, usage keeping the budget in mind. The reputation of a shop or brand makes a lot of difference but in general, the parameter depends upon the size of the budget. People who want just a rug under the coffee table can buy anything they like but people who are very particular should check the fiber, pattern, execution, warranty, maintenance guidelines. In reality, it all depends upon an individual’s taste and budget.

What makes Insigne Carpets eco-friendly, likewise what would you like to add about the manufacturing process as well?
An eco-friendly carpet is a green and sustainable product designed to minimize its environmental impacts during its whole life-cycle and even after it’s of no use. Green products are usually identified by having two basic goals – reducing waste and maximizing resource efficiency. Basically, a green carpet means a green label plus a certification from CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute).

Green certification can be achieved by bringing changes to your production unit and by procuring the right raw material for production. The use of natural fibre in the mill, use of pre-recycled raw material, avoiding the use of raw material which have VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emission, incorporate solar power in the mill, hold rainwater for the dye house, recycle the water already in use, are some of the challenges to achieve a green carpet. It’s all about maintaining sustainability and indoor air quality (IAQ). The process of reducing carbon footprint, the process of implementing re-use, re-cycle and re-new with the carpet to ensure if it can be called green or not.

Unlike Europe where indigenous arts and crafts have often become the center of attraction as also travel and tourism, what is your take on Indian arts and crafts, do you feel it can be leveraged to that level?
The value of art in Europe is tremendous whereas several artisans in India are working on daily wages ranging from Rs 300 to 600. Hence in India artists cannot commit their minds to the development of the art, the entire focus is diverted to survival itself. There is nothing extraordinary one can do when you have to support a family with Rs 9,000 to Rs 18,000 per month. I personally do not want to sound pessimistic but I don’t think India can match up to Europe in this regard and neither expect a renaissance.

Who are some of your prized clients?
We were fortunate to work with several individuals and a number of iconic properties across the world. Google, NASA, White House or La Samaritan Paris or Taj Pierre New York are just a few of them.


‘Carpets for marine’ what kind of carpets are these, are they water replant?
Carpet for Marine has got nothing to do with water. When a yacht or cruise ship is on high seas and no one is available to help on a rescue operation in case of fire, the boat itself needs to be built with exceptional fire-protective material. To ensure the product is marine use worthy, each product needs to go through a test and certification process which is known as I M O (International Maritime Organization). Module D for the Production Unit and Module B for the Product itself is mandatory before one can put an inch of carpet inside a yacht or a ship.

Which are some of the countries you export to? How can a prospective client have access to your products?
We have our own representatives in the UK, Ireland, Europe, Russia, China & the USA and in Singapore, Vietnam & Dubai to take care of this part of the world. So, we are exporting to all the major countries. The best way to access our product quality is to get in touch with one of our representatives by visiting our website contact page www.insignecarpets.com



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