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Antica Ceramica reveals bathroom tiles collection

Antica Ceramica, known for its trailblazing developments in the tile business, proudly presents its most recent line of bathroom tiles. The new line showcases Antica Ceramica’s commitment to design quality and innovation by seamlessly combining safety features with classic elegance. Crafted with painstaking attention to detail, each tile in the collection highlights the tile’s natural […]

Luxury shower collection by GRAFF

Savour the healing effects of colour therapy while taking in the calming atmosphere that the system’s cutting-edge technology creates. The most extensive shower collection that GRAFF, a renowned worldwide pioneer in luxury bath and kitchen fittings, has ever created, Aqua-sense, is now available. By raising the bar for shower solutions, this ground-breaking product demonstrates GRAFF’s […]

FIMA Carlo Frattini Launches a Chic Showerhead in Collaboration with Melogranoblu

This renowned brand is unveiling a chic showerhead—Melograno. There are three white light LED spotlights that illuminate the spheres giving life to suggestive reflections and intriguing plays of light. FIMA Carlo Frattini is an Italian company that has existed for three generations. The continuous search for beauty and the spasmodic attention to every detail, from the […]