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Luxurious furniture collection by Vita Moderna

Heralding a new era of luxury living, Vita Moderna presents the exclusive arrival of Flexform’s Perry Collection. The Perry Collection marks a milestone in the world of contemporary design, offering astute customers unparalleled sophistication. The Perry Collection embodies Flexform’s commitment to excellence and Vita Moderna’s dedication to curating the finest furnishings. With its softly upholstered pieces […]

Bay Window introduces furniture designs

Leading interior retail business Bay Window, which specialises in offering premium furniture pieces, presents a fine selection of dining tables and chairs that have been extensively chosen to enhance dining occasions to new heights. Highlights include the Livingston dining table and Tangent dining chairs, which effortlessly combine style and robustness. With its striking finish made […]

Luxurious sofa collection by Ochre at Home

Each of the five different styles of sofas exudes modern elegance and versatility, promising to completely change the look of your living space. Ochre at Home (OAH), located in the energetic metropolis of Kolkata, is well-known for its unique selection of custom furniture and avant-garde home decor. Introducing an alluring line of sofas designed to […]

Stylish cabinet design by Blum

By completely integrating into the cabinet walls, this small and narrow form redefines furniture aesthetics and provides an unmatched canvas for design possibilities. Blum, a leader in innovative furniture solutions, is pleased to present the AVENTOS HKi, an integrated stay lift that is changing the way people think about and design cabinets. With its minimalist […]

Etienne Bergere armchair by Source Unlimited

The cutting-edge armchairs by Baxter in the Indian market are from Sources Unlimited, one of the first retailers of upscale international furniture, accessories, and lighting solutions. The chair was created by the well-known Roberto Lazzeroni and is known as the Etienne Bergere Armchair. This beautiful sculpture presents an unmatched example of aesthetic appeal by skillfully […]

Maishaa introduces Manual Revert collection

Revolutionising sustainable living, Maishaa, a leader in the furnishing textile industry, presents its newest line, Manual Revert. Maishaa brings fabrics from around the world with a steadfast dedication to giving clients textiles infused with love and passion. Adopting the notion that practicality is crucial but aesthetics captivates, Maishaa creates and produces textiles that transform commonplace […]

RR Decor launches Citrine furniture collection

RR Decor, a well-known manufacturer of textiles and furnishings for the home, presents its own “Citrine” line. This high-end line is ready to raise the bar in interior design by offering discriminating homeowners a special combination of cosiness, sophistication, and comfort. Citrine is a tastefully blended blend of high-end, calming hues that have been meticulously chosen […]

Exquisite farmhouse by Design Deconstruct

The luxurious farmhouse in Chattarpur, Delhi, by Design Deconstruct, is distinguished by its striking paintings and sculptures, unique wall art, and extravagant lights that reveal art installations. The double-height drawing room’s ceiling is decorated from end to end with a magnificent 55-foot-long gold chandelier, which unabashedly adds grandeur to the house. This highlights the interiors’ […]