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Ramaniyam furniture design by Tusker Katha

The Ramaniyam Collection by Tusker Katha is a prime example of purposeful design, combining teak wood, rattan, and earthy textiles to produce aesthetically pleasing and useful furniture. Tusker Katha is a living example of the idea that intentional and thoughtful expressions can result in design that is both visually beautiful and operational. The company presents […]

RR Decor unveils Kidglove Furniture Collection

Explore the latest ‘Kidglove’ furniture collection from RR Decor, offering a versatile range of designs in colourful and serene hues, besides combining comfort and elegance. A significant force in textiles and home décor, RR Decor presents its exclusive line of ‘Kidglove’ furniture. With the collection, you can create a place that truly embodies your distinct […]

Temple Town introduces Handcrafted Cane Beds series

Temple Town unveils the Handcrafted Cane Beds line, which combines centuries-old traditions with modern design, highlighting artisanal excellence and sustainable craftsmanship. Temple Town, a combination of exquisite design and timeless elegance, has unveiled its masterpiece, the Handcrafted Cane Beds series. These beds, rooted in centuries-old traditions yet tailored for modern living, reflect Temple Town’s commitment […]