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Fabric collection by Manuel Revert at Maishaa

Maishaa is thrilled to announce its Manuel Revert collection, which embodies the celebration of our rich heritage and steady dedication to quality craftsmanship. In the world of Maishaa, where tradition meets innovation, every thread tells a story. For over 65 years, they have created a legacy of excellence, artistry, and progress in every fabric they […]

RR Decor introduces Avanti collection for interior decor

RR Décor’s latest masterpiece, the ‘Avanti Collection,’ experiences the appeal that flawlessly merges sophistication and comfort, crafting a space that authentically reflects your unique style and personality. The Avanti Collection has been thoughtfully designed to infuse your interior spaces with elegance and lavishness. The harmonious blend of refined design and unparalleled comfort is the inspiration […]

42MM Architecture unveils foyer design

Leading architectural design firm 42MM Architecture is redefining the fundamentals of entryway spaces with an unparalleled blend of elegance and beauty. The business, which specialises in architectural wonders that defy expectations, sets new standards for elegance and functionality in foyer design. Areas in the foyer create the first impression of a room and establish the atmosphere […]

Interior design trends

Let’s set off on an exploration of a rainbow of interior design trends, from the airy charm of flowers to the mysterious allure of abstract woven. This carefully chosen collection will add a touch of modern charm and classic beauty to your living area. vVyom by Shuchita The Tripiola Collection by vVyom is an expression […]

A holiday home shaped in nature

In ‘Valley of Dreams,’ nature’s embrace meets architectural poetry, crafting a sanctuary where dreams materialise and joy resides in every panoramic view. The ethereal and intangible dreams weave the fabric of our desires and aspirations. In the heart of Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh, a dream took shape – ‘Valley of Dreams,’ a picturesque holiday home designed […]

The uncharted territories of modern Indian design

“As India embraces the future, its interior design will undoubtedly continue to evolve, reflecting its people’s dynamism and creativity while enriching countless individuals’ lives.” Soni Vipul Designs.  Step across the threshold of a modern Indian home, where sunlight spills through jaalis, illuminating sleek minimalist furniture crafted from locally sourced wood. Vibrant silk tapestries and contemporary […]

Unifying architecture and brand identity

Krishi Rasayan’s new office space is an architectural marvel; it’s a physical manifestation of its brand identity, values and functionality designed by Resaiki. Krishi Rasayan’s new office is a 4000 sq ft space amidst a busy neighbourhood of Nehru Place, Delhi. The design of this office space is based on the principles of Vastu and […]

A sustainable harmony of nature and design

From the captivating reflection in the 20-foot mirror to the ever-evolving decor echoing the change in seasons, this sustainable haven in the Aravali range is a living canvas where design and nature harmonise in artisanal elegance. Nestled in the breathtaking Aravali range, this house is a testament to sustainable design principles, seamlessly blending raw textures […]