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Coastal elegance house of East Wind

“In every corner, House of East Wind whispers stories of the past while embracing the vibrancy of today, creating an enchanting tapestry of culture and comfort.” As the sun kisses the shores of Goa, there stands a testament to the allure of coastal living – House of East Wind, a Portuguese-styled villa nestled amidst breathtaking […]

White Hanger’s timeless elegance

This is more than simply a store; it’s an architectural and artistic marvel that combines refinement, grandeur, and a dedication to providing the best possible shopping experience. White Hanger is a distinguished retail oasis that rises above the ordinary, located in the centre of Delhi, where sophisticated fashion fans search for the height of luxury. […]

Sabri Palms residence

Sabri Palms unfolds as a symphony of design, where opulence meets functionality in a graceful dance of luxury within every meticulously crafted space. Thoughtful details and lavish elements coalesce seamlessly, transforming each room into a chapter of comfort, elegance, and the pursuit of dreams. Sabri Palms, a sprawling 2500 sq. ft. residence in Mumbai, stands […]

A modern marvel of space optimisation and elegance by Naksh Studio

Crafted with utmost precision, the design emphasises the art of maximising space through thoughtful planning and strategic decision-making. Situated in the heart of Walkeshwar, South Mumbai, the Jogani apartment, a creation of Naksh Studio under the guidance of Chief Architect Shibani Mehta, showcases a modern and functional design that skillfully maximises space and seamlessly blends […]

A blend of understated grandeur and timeless elegance

Muted Luxury Tones’ by Design Deconstruct orchestrates a symphony of sophistication and understated grandeur, transforming living spaces into timeless havens of elegance. In interior design, Design Deconstruct, a renowned firm known for its innovative approach, has recently introduced “Muted Luxury Tones,” a design concept that seamlessly blends sophistication and understated grandeur. This carefully curated collection […]

Luxurious farmhouse by Azure

Designers Rashi Bothra & Ruchi Gehani create an ideal location for a contemporary farmhouse that blends rustic beauty with the newest trends in the centre of the countryside. The modern farmhouse’s chevron black and white flooring and wooden ceiling draw attention to the dramatic entry of the long, elongated passage, which unites the countryside with […]

Understorey introduces exclusive rug collection

Located in Jaipur, India, Understorey is an artisanal atelier where master weavers create exquisite handmade rugs by hand. Understorey specialises in the art of turning life stories into beautiful rugs. They produce timeless heirlooms that not only improve modern settings but also become everlasting treasures that are passed down through the years. A compelling combination […]

Home bar sanctuary by Nivasa

The industry leader in luxury home furnishings, Nivasa, transforms houses with bar areas into havens. If Nivasa’s beautifully designed bar units are the ideal complement to houses, then the bar area also becomes a warm and inviting environment with the ideal atmosphere. These timeless havens for bar enthusiasts combine exquisite design, comfort, and usefulness with […]