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A fusion of modern luxury and regional charm in the Goan Foothills

Amora Vida offers a rejuvenating retreat that complements natural beauty, promising a serene escape unlike any other. Amora Vida, a boutique hotel nestled in the serene backwaters of Goa, balances contemporary luxury with regional charm. This rejuvenating retreat offers a unique combination of peace and comfort, with modern construction that harmonises perfectly with its stunning […]

Warehouse 47 and Green Rain unveil Pixelab

Warehouse 47, in conjunction with Green Rain, proudly announces the debut of Pixelab, a future technology lab positioned to transform creative technology and digital innovation. Warehouse 47, Famous Studios’ pioneering launch, is poised to alter the industry with its sophisticated approach to experiential content production. Warehouse 47, leveraging its first-mover advantage, intends to alter the […]

Haveli-inspired Indian home

House of Bridges seeks to reimagine the traditional Indian home, drawing inspiration from the indigenous haveli typology while catering to the evolving needs of a joint family structure.  Situated on a 3-acre site near the Delhi-Jaipur Expressway, the home by Principal Architects Vijay Dahiya and Shubhra Dahiya of team3 blends familial connectivity with individual privacy, […]

LUXXU introduces furniture collection

The Talie Single Sofa has a voluptuous profile, providing additional comfort and style. This unique piece is upholstered in Monet Pearl fabric. The chair features a gently curved backrest and a golden metallic support inspired by mid-century contemporary design. The Talie Dining Chair reshapes the dining setting with its thought-provoking design, bringing Art Deco and […]

Inspired by contemporary Indian homes

Within the walls of this Contemporary Indian Home, tradition fits well with innovation, and every corner whispers the tale of a harmonious blend between our rich heritage and the promise of a sustainable, modern lifestyle. Sushant Lok, Gurugram, a 3200-square-foot masterpiece, is a testament to the fusion of tradition and modernity. Completed in 2023, this […]

Luxury dining spaces by Pramod Group

Pramod Group is well known for its elegant yet well-thought-out interior designs that elevate daily living and offer value, beauty, and comfort. As interior architects, they have total control over the constructed environment up until the point at which the client is given the space and the last finishing touches are made. A range of […]

Etienne Bergere armchair by Source Unlimited

The cutting-edge armchairs by Baxter in the Indian market are from Sources Unlimited, one of the first retailers of upscale international furniture, accessories, and lighting solutions. The chair was created by the well-known Roberto Lazzeroni and is known as the Etienne Bergere Armchair. This beautiful sculpture presents an unmatched example of aesthetic appeal by skillfully […]

Etreluxe introduces exquisite bed collection

Discover a world of luxury and refinement with Rugiano, which is offered in the stunning bed line at Etreluxe. Each item in this collection is a monument to luxury and style, designed to redefine elegance. These beds, with their sleek metal accents and luxurious upholstered headboards, are designed to completely transform the look of one’s […]

Maishaa introduces Manual Revert collection

Revolutionising sustainable living, Maishaa, a leader in the furnishing textile industry, presents its newest line, Manual Revert. Maishaa brings fabrics from around the world with a steadfast dedication to giving clients textiles infused with love and passion. Adopting the notion that practicality is crucial but aesthetics captivates, Maishaa creates and produces textiles that transform commonplace […]