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Sweet, intrinsic and vibrant visual intricacies

A unique combination of playful but aesthetic mix of vibrancies at Anand sweets. These candied sentiments are perfectly housed in Anand sweets at Hennur, Bangalore, which brings together delectable palettes and tasteful details for a wholesome retail experience. As the first post-pandemic store of the renowned brand, the space adapts to a lively and fresh […]


The astonishingly spectacular architecture of Qatar’s eight custom-designed stadiums delivers a magnificent experience for football fans from the first game to the last. In the middle of many hardships, Qatar successfully hosted the most popular sporting event in the world: the FIFA World Cup. As a result of such a large scale event, Qatar might […]

Kaspiyka A tranquil tropical diner

Archpoint architects have created a beautiful story at the restaurant in the centre of bustling Moscow, just like this fisherman, bringing together many details that became the best neighbours. Kaspiyka on Chistye Prudy Metro Station is the quintessence of the spirituality of marine restaurants situated at our favourite resorts. Here the atmosphere of the Caspian […]