Home Project Profile A fusion of art and culinary innovation in Kolkata
A fusion of art and culinary innovation in Kolkata

A fusion of art and culinary innovation in Kolkata


A Square Designs’ by Ajay Arya’s latest offering is a swanky restaurant called Madam G. Located in on Lee Road, close to Elgin Road, the fashion hub of Kolkata, Madam G exudes meticulous craftsmanship and an eye for detail.

Spread across 3000 sq ft, the restaurant, founded by Drishleen Sethi, blends luxury, functionality and artistic vision. With the prominent tablescape artist Eeshan Kashyap at the helm of its cocktails, tableware and food curation, this restaurant brings together an exquisite global and contemporary ambiance. A kaleidoscope of gems modern and old; urban and rustic – Madam G showcases a delicate balance of all.

Serving new age Indian molecular fusion cuisine is served in an ambiance reminiscent of an international restaurant, Madam G is all about simple, crisp design. A modern décor revolving around geometric shapes, 3D patterns and a combination of luxurious finishes, the restaurant is an allegory for contemporary elegance. 

As you enter the reception area, the gaze is arrested by the rows of colourful tin jars lined in the grid Counters. Reminiscent of tea jars with sweets from different regions of India, it’s a warm welcome into the space. A rattan reception counter with a marble top brings in a handcrafted elegance which is juxtaposed with grainy grace late tiles. With an interplay of different textures and finishes, Madam G’s material palette is fascinating. Think metallic finishes, stone, leather, wicker and so on. It is this interplay that showcases beautifully with the ceiling in the central room. Shaded in a charcoal colour with a sheer trellis textured fabric developed by Kashyap, the ceiling arrests your gaze. 

The modern and contemporary concept reflects wonderfully in the furniture too, which has been designed according to the latest ‘Curvy Furniture’ trend. The restaurant brims with statement making elements. For instance, the long bar with the exquisite Statuario countertop is a symphony in style and elegance. Peek inside, and you discover inbuilt slits meant as wine chillers. 

Ajay Arya’s design genius showcases beautifully in the lights at Madam G. Be it the bespoke boat shaped light above the bar or the inverted Matka Lights across the ceiling, the lights make the space look like an eclectic visual cocktail.

The private dining area, with its abstract rectangular Terrazzo black and white flooring exudes clean and minimalist vibes. Juxtaposing with this are the sliding doors with Ikat motifs on one side and Bengali poetry hand painted on the other. 

The protagonist of the restaurant is the feature wall in the dining area, painted by Eeshan Kashyap and Drishleen Sethi. The vibrant wall in yellow orange and red hues is inviting and exudes happiness especially to enjoy a meal. 

Madam G is a lyrical symphony of the art of experimentation, allowing each space to exude its distinct vibe while seamlessly blending into the overall narrative.

For more details: https://asquaredesigns.in/



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