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Action TESA introduces ‘BOILO’

Action TESA introduces ‘BOILO’


BOILO is a FR Grade Boiling Water Proof (BWP) HDF Board.

Action Tesa, one of India’s largest manufacturers of Engineered Panel Products like MDF/HDHMR & Particle Boards in India, introduces a unique product ‘BOILO’, a Boiling Waterproof HDF Board. Action TESA is the first Company to launch this kind of product across the globe. Action Tesa Boilo Boiling Water Proof (BWP) with FR Grade HDF Boards is an innovative product that promises to be the first ever boiling water proof and fire retardant board in India. The boards are available in different grades and thicknesses, making them suitable for any kind of project.

BOILO by Action Tesa is highly suitable for interior applications having wet conditions, high load bearing surfaces, high traffic and high temperature areas. Action Tesa BOILO has Fire Retardant features, which makes Flame Retardant three times more against passing parameter of IS 5009:2000 Fire Retardant Plywood. Besides, it is high density board, carries above 1000+ Kg/M3Density along with High Impact Resistance, Toughened Surface, Termite Proof, Environment Friendliness and Fungus Resistance. The Action Tesa HDHMR boards, known for its quality and reliability, are widely popular across India. Likewise, consumers have shown trust in ‘BOILO’ Boiling Water Proof (BWP) and made it the next HDHMR in the market.

Action TESA’s Boilo- BWP HDF the termite proof HDF Board has been developed under high pressure and temperature. This process makes the board a high-density board, with toughened surface, high load bearing and impact resistance with added advantage of Fire Retardant and High Dimensional Stability. The qualities of this board have been achieved using the special German technology of MAT formation, for the first time in India.

Ajay Aggarwal, Managing Director, Action TESA says, “Action TESA’s BOILO is the safest and toughest available board in the market. The water proof property of BOILO annuls the possibilities of fungus and termite infestation. The inherent properties of BOILO makes it a great choice for both residential and commercial projects. Because of these unique features BOILO is an exclusive product in the segment.”

BOILO by Action TESA is suitable for application in common areas such as Restroom Toilet Cubicle, Thermal Insulation, Load Bearing Area such as Decking, Warehouse Shelves, Staircases, Container Floor, Truck Floor, Bus Body Floor, Bathroom Partition, Fire Retardant Application, Flooring, Moist Area Furniture, Fly Ash Brick Making, Stage Flooring, etc.

For more information, visit: www.actiontesa.com


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