Home Flooring Classic design with a dash of opulence and glitz
Classic design with a dash of opulence and glitz

Classic design with a dash of opulence and glitz


“Create beautiful design and functional living rooms with artistic appeal.”

The living room is frequently the focal point of any home, where family members and guests congregate to relax and interact. When it comes to living room flooring alternatives, floor tiles can be both attractive and durable. Floor tiles, available in various materials, colours, forms, and patterns, can enhance the aesthetic of your living area while adding usefulness and lifespan. Consider innovative floor tile arrangement ideas by  Vaibhav Saraf, Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing – Vitero Tiles, Aparna Enterprises Ltd., to turn your living room into a lovely and pleasant area.

The straight lay is a timeless classic that may complement any interior design style. Tiles are put in a straight line, parallel to each other, producing a consistent and seamless appearance. This design is popular for larger format tiles, which can increase the scale of the space and make it appear more expansive.

Consider using the herringbone pattern to provide visual interest and texture to your living room floor. Rectangular tiles laid in a zigzag pattern to create a chevron impression in this scheme. Herringbone is a versatile pattern that may be used with any size or colour of tile.

Install tiles diagonally for a slight twist on the traditional straight lay. This plan puts tiles at a 45-degree angle, creating a diamond-shaped pattern that can provide aesthetic interest and depth to your living area. Diagonal tile installation is ideal for creating a unique aesthetic while preserving symmetry and balance.

The checkerboard design is a classic layout that can offer a timeless appeal to your living space. This pattern alternates two different tile colours to create a checkered impression. The checkerboard plan works well with square and rectangular tiles, giving your living space a retro or vintage atmosphere.

Use the random pattern for a more artistic and varied tile layout. This design incorporates a variety of tile sizes, shapes, and colours to create a one-of-a-kind and visually appealing floor. You can create a colourful, whimsical design with a random pattern reflecting your style and taste.

Vertical and horizontal lines can bring a touch of richness and glamour to any area. Different coloured tiles are set in a certain sequential pattern or design in this arrangement, creating a work of art on the floor. Because this arrangement may be done with two or more design and colour possibilities. It is a versatile choice for any home design style.

Finally, there are numerous floor tile choices for your living room space. Whether you want a classic or contemporary aesthetic, there is a tile pattern to suit your style and taste. The choices are unlimited, from the classic straight line to the random artistic pattern. With the correct tile plan and material, you can create a beautiful and functional living room that you can enjoy for years to come.


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