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Design dynamics crafting functional and aesthetic spaces

Design dynamics crafting functional and aesthetic spaces


Tushar Mistry, Principal Architect of Tushar Mistry Design Studio (TMDS), speaks about functionality and aesthetics.

What are some of the key inspirations that have shaped your unique approach to merging functionality and aesthetics in your hospitality design projects?

Hailing from the vibrant city of Surat in the enchanting state of Gujarat, my journey into design and construction began with an unyielding passion. I started this exciting journey by studying at the esteemed CEPT Ahmedabad, where I honed my skills and explored the captivating world of architecture. My focus was on Hospitality design, where I learned to merge functionality and aesthetics to create immersive experiences.

This led me to the Sydney School of Architecture, where I delved deeper into the field of Hospitality design. I was thrilled to bring new ideas to life, crafting spaces that engage the senses and make a lasting impact. Every project became a canvas for emotions, a blend of artistry and practicality into which I poured my heart.

In the grand tapestry of life, I am a dream weaver, an experience creator, and an eternal seeker of inspiration. The excitement of bringing something new into existence fuels my passion. The world of design is a boundless canvas, and I am an artist striving to make it more beautiful, one stroke at a time.


Can you highlight some of your successful projects completed within specified timelines? What were the key factors contributing to their success?

Our commitment to excellence within strict timelines sets us apart in the industry. Among our numerous ventures, two milestones stand out. The first is the impressive Customer Experience Center and two apartments for the prestigious Prestige group. These projects taught us resilience and the art of overcoming obstacles, making us stronger.

Today, we stand proudly as a testament to dedication and determination. Our journey from those significant projects to the present has been a thrilling voyage of self-discovery, evolution, and fulfilment. Yet, our story is ongoing. We blend innovation, passion, and precision with each new project, creating inspiring masterpieces. Our mission remains clear – to leave an indelible mark on the design and contracting world, raising the bar of excellence with each endeavour.

What is your design philosophy, and how does it influence your approach to crafting beautiful interiors?

At the core of our creative process is the belief that each project is a chance to tell a unique design story. As architects and designers, we understand that truly resonating spaces go beyond aesthetics. By intimately understanding the end user, we craft spaces that connect with the soul.

We carefully study the design brief, diving into the client’s persona and lifestyle. Space planning, a pivotal phase, allows us to shape every inch of space. We recognise that proper lighting and ventilation are essential for ambience and resonate with the client’s essence.


How do you balance functionality and aesthetics in your designs? Can you provide an example of where this balance was crucial?

We firmly believe that balancing functionality and aesthetics is key to exceptional spaces. These aspects enhance each other, and we embrace the challenge of blending them seamlessly. Our designers thrive on this challenge, knowing that every detail matters.

Multi-functionality guides us in creating visually stunning and efficient spaces. Each detail is thoughtfully crafted, ensuring the perfect blend of form and function. This integration allows us to craft spaces that are visually captivating and enjoyable to inhabit.

In Mumbai’s bustling urban landscape, we embrace the dynamism of city life, infusing it into our designs. This understanding inspires us to create designs that transform spaces into havens of inspiration and joy.


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