Home Beautification Emery Studio Unveils the Spectacular Terra Collection by L’Objet 
Emery Studio Unveils the Spectacular Terra Collection by L’Objet 

Emery Studio Unveils the Spectacular Terra Collection by L’Objet 


Bespoke decorative lighting, home décor and tableware specialist Emery Studio brings to India, an exquisite new collection of dinnerware and decorative pieces – Terra – by the eponymous brand L’Objet.

Terra is a tactile, textured family of dinnerware and decorative pieces celebrating five noble materials that have defined and shaped our existence on earth. Each expresses the unique qualities of their material origin: wine, leather, stone, iron, and seafoam. Wine is inky in tone and liquid in texture, taking its cue from the sediment of its namesake. Leather is warm and tactile with a layered tan tone and dappled matte texture. Stone has a pleasing honed feel, as if weathered by the elements over time. Iron has a subtle mineral quality, reflecting its natural state as ore in the earth. Seafoam offers the fresh and vibrant tones of churned up water as it meets the land.

The porcelain Terra dinnerware is handcrafted and glazed in L’Objet’s atelier. Organic shapes are refined with glazed finishes that bear the idiosyncrasies of their namesake materials. Each of the four noble materials that have inspired the Terra range is designed to elevate the experience of everyday dining.

The high firing temperature of P is what gives each of the Terra ranges its unique glazing characteristics, achieving a soft earthiness while maintaining the precious durability of porcelain. No two pieces will be tonally or texturally identical. The resulting collection works beautifully together as a set, inspiring a casual yet refined approach to dining. The organic handcrafted forms of Terra extend to the server ware, complementing the dinner ranges with large bowls and plates that feel almost primal. Each piece has a subtly individual character with a unique tone. This quality brings a warmth of personality to the collection.

As part of the Terra range L’Objet is also introducing porcelain napkin rings to complement the tableware and bring it together seamlessly with the new linens. The tactile quality of porcelain continues the sense of handcrafted materiality at the heart of the collection. 

The porcelain Timna pitchers and mugs (available in the stone and iron ranges) extend the organic forms and mineral glazes of the Terra collection into a series of strikingly sculptural, functional vessels. With handles carved out of the body of the form, Timna has an ancient, primal character.

“The beauty of Terra lies in the expressive qualities of the different glazes that each evoke the character of the material that has inspired them. The archetypal forms, rich tones and tactile textures come to life when used in combination with each other. They can be casual or formal, dressed up or down, depending on the occasion,” states Elad Yifrach, Founder of L’Objet.

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