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Global Visiting School – Hybrid 2022

Global Visiting School – Hybrid 2022


An initiative of rat[LAB]EDUCATION, Global Visiting School consistently fosters global dialogue on Design Technology, Parametric Design & Computational Design.

Global Visiting School is an initiative of rat[LAB]EDUCATION devoted to fostering workshops, training programs, lectures, and symposiums on design technology, parametric design, and computational design. It has a global footprint in multiple countries including the UK, USA, Italy, Taiwan, Japan, Egypt, Philippines, Ukraine, Belarus, and India.

GVS partners with independent organizations, domain experts, universities and visionary institutions to engage in dialogue about Design Technology through various media.

There are 5 online workshops, building up to a finale workshop that takes place offline in a studio in Central London, UK, as a part of the GVS hybrid 2022.

The toolkit includes Touch Designer, Maya, Grashopper3D, Machine Learning through Python, Blender, etc., spread across 6 exciting clusters led by tutors from UK, India, Russia, Brazil, Chile, and Iran.

The list of each cluster offered can be found here:-

Cluster 01 :- Grasshopper3D Fundamentals

Cluster 02:- Introduction to Real-time Audio-reactive Visualizations in Touch Designer

Cluster 03:- Complex Geometries & Architectural Patterns using Maya & Blender

Cluster 04:- Bio-Driven X: Bio-inspired Design via
Python and Machine Learning

Cluster 05:- Architectural 3D Modelling using Autodesk Maya

Cluster06:- Parametric Modulations_V2.0
[Mastering Grasshopper3D]

Further details of all the clusters including list of tutors, presentations, and workshops, visit: www.rat-lab.org/gvsonline2022


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