Home News Hindware Introduces New ‘Easy Clean’ Countertop Basin and Shower Enclosures
Hindware Introduces New ‘Easy Clean’ Countertop Basin and Shower Enclosures

Hindware Introduces New ‘Easy Clean’ Countertop Basin and Shower Enclosures


Hindware enters new product category with shower enclosures and expands footprint across markets in India 

 Hindware, a leader in complete bathroom solutions today announced expansion of product line by adding 12 new products. The company unveiled a new range of countertop basin – ‘Easy Clean’, packed with breakthrough technology that exemplifies automation for hygiene and freshness. At an event in New Delhi, the company also announced its entry into a new category in the bathware segment with Shower Enclosures with by Hindware Italian Collection. Targeting consumers across metros and mini metros, the expansion is aimed at providing an integrated solution enhancing customer convenience. Hindware’s new product portfolio will bring elegance to bath environments at home, hospitality, and commercial settings.

Over the last few months, the company has put a planned intention of establishing a trendy and younger version – Hindware 2.0, along with the legacy of being an iconic household brand. Pivoting on this, the brand has announced a new logo for Hindware and Hindware Italian Collection with the renewed promise of innovation and sustainability.  Hindware has a wide-range of innovative products such as touch-free and tankless water closets, and now the ‘Easy Clean’ countertop basins which are unique and one-of-kind. Moreover, Hindware’s commitment to environment is a sustained effort. Its water-saving products are ideal for green or sustainable buildings as efficient use of natural resources is one of their criteria.

The ‘Easy Clean’ basins and shower enclosures are designed keeping the brand’s overall vision of ‘Thoughtful Is Beautiful’ that focuses on innovative performance-led product solutions to enable better safety and hygiene in households

Commenting on the launch of the product series, Sudhanshu Pokhriyal, Chief Executive Officer, Bath and Tiles Business, Hindware Limited, said, “At Hindware we are witnessing a great traction for our products, basis our continuous engagements with consumers and distributors we are now expanding our product portfolio to accommodate more varied needs. As an industry leader, we understand the growing demand for automation and increasing focus on hygiene. The product expansion is in-line with the same. Additionally, keeping in mind the consumers rising concern for well-being, we launched the new ‘Easy Clean’ basin with the perfect combination of design, craftsmanship and technology that enables hygiene and safety.”

He further added, “Bathrooms today are no more just about functionality. With our entry into shower enclosures, we intend to provide consumer with a one-stop-solution for all their bathware needs. The new shower enclosures come in a wide range of styles and versatile designs that are best suited for anyone seeking modern fittings in their bathroom space.”

Charu Malhotra Bhatia, Vice-President, Marketing, Hindware Limited said, “Hindware is an iconic brand that resonates with consumers seeking innovative products at varied price points. With this new product offering, we want to re-define the way people perceive bathware. As a brand, we want to not only focus on design and aesthetics but make way for a new thought process built on innovation and technology. We have plans to launch an integrated campaign aimed at modern Indian consumers who value the ease that technology has brought into our lives and are always on the lookout for beautiful alterations to current setups.


Easy Clean Countertop Basins by Hindware Italian Collection

The new Easy Clean collection offers a comprehensive range of brilliantly designed Countertop basins that delivers both a compact and functional style. The extraordinary design form of all components within the series echoes innovation that offers hygiene and health, keeping automated technology at its core. As the name suggest, ‘Easy Clean’ basins by Hindware Italian Collection, cleans the basin automatically after every use. Flushing the washbasin keeps the bathroom clean and refreshing all the time. The size of the basin is 59.5 cm x 45 cm x 16 cm, and that will give bathrooms a compact, clean and elegant look.

Shower enclosures by Hindware Italian Collection

Hindware is offering a unique experience to customers with the shower enclosures. The company has announced 50+ SKUs for the new shower enclosures that are designed to keep bathrooms more appealing but also safe and hygienic, they restrict water to a specific area and keep the rest of the space dry. While doing so the enclosures ensure that bathrooms remain clean, bacteria free with reduced chances of slippage. Aided with Aqua Clean coating, the new shower enclosures by Hindware Italian Collection, offers a non-sticky treatment to make the glass surface hydrophobic and provide protection against stains caused by water, soap, and other oils, making sure that glass remains clean and bacteria free. Non treated glass absorbs mineral deposit which becomes difficult to clean over time. Aqua clean coating reduces cleaning time by 90% & eliminates the need for harsh chemical cleaners.

At Hindware, safety is our top priority. Since glass is one of the key components of shower enclosures, the Hindware make sure to use the highest quality of toughened and tempered glass which comply with Indian and European safety standards and offer 4-5 times mechanical strength. Hindware will offer complimentary installation services for shower enclosures, thus offering customers an end-to-end solution for bathroom needs.



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