Home Accessories Scala Home Launches Statement Light ‘Mesh’ by Luceplan
Scala Home Launches Statement Light ‘Mesh’ by Luceplan

Scala Home Launches Statement Light ‘Mesh’ by Luceplan


Scala Home, a destination for exclusive furniture in New Delhi, has unveiled in India a stunning statement light, Mesh, by Luceplan.

Innovative LEDs are combined with a seemingly transparent mesh resulting in a lightweight and airy aesthetic in this dramatic light. Designer Francisco Gomez Paz has won the Red Dot “Best of the Best” Design Award for this unique design.

Design Sense

The suspension lamp offers multiple lighting scenarios for personalized aesthetic and functional performance. It is also available as a ceiling fixture. Its structure is made of steel and lenses in polycarbonate, creating an arresting design where the light alone becomes the protagonist.

The LEDs of Mesh fill the space with warm white light, and the light intensity can be easily adjusted to your preference. The particular structure permits exceptional freedom in the control of luminance. You can govern the intensity of the light and choose which sectors of the lamp to use. In the wireless version you can also create personalized luminous settings. 

For large and medium versions, users can play with the light by means of a smart device. The App makes it possible to control single or multiple units, individually or as a group.

About Luceplan
Established in 1978, Italian brand Luceplan is known for offering technologically evolved lighting fixtures for flexible use that avoid any formalism. Aesthetic and technological research, design culture, experimentation and innovation, a creative spirit never separated from functional quality and efficiency. This is the system of values that shapes the identity of Luceplan that has won a host of honours from around the world for its iconic designs.

The Luceplan light fixtures, with high standards of performance and aesthetics, cross fields of applications and adapt to any usage need, any context. Combining functional quality with the decorative appeal of architecture, they can be used in spaces from small to the large scale. Its experimental approach has also been translated to address environmental issues and energy saving.

Scala Home
Over the past 25 years, Scala Home is bringing depth into contemporary design by collaborating design sensibilities which are modern yet detailed. They have a comprehensive collection of Italian brands which they represent in India like B&B Italia, Reflex, Flos, Frigerio, Luceplan, Laurameroni Design Collection to name a few.

They work with various architects and interior designers in order to give their clientele a unique shopping experience. Scala Home curates bespoke interiors and collate the design process and are also involved with all aspects from lighting to furniture design.


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