Home Bedroom Décor Stunning Furniture layout designs to uplift your home interiors
Stunning Furniture layout designs to uplift your home interiors

Stunning Furniture layout designs to uplift your home interiors


With the emerging new trends, it has become convenient to give your home a chic makeover says Salankar Pashine and Associates (SPA)

Redefining home interiors instantly elevates one’s mood. With the emerging new trends, it has become convenient to give your home a chic makeover. The spatial layout and interiors play a huge role when it comes to building a joyous atmosphere. Though the living room and the entrance set the tone of the rest of the house, a modern bedroom, an impeccable kitchen and an eye-catching garden inspires the visitors instantly as they walk through the door.

Symmetric layouts for Living Spaces
As seen in the open plan layout of the living space below designed by the team at Salankar Pashine and  Associates, is a contemporary design concept depicting a delightful blend of simplicity and functionality, focusing largely on décor with lighter woods, lightweight materials, and streamlined shapes. This aesthetically pleasing and functionally sound design focuses on creating spaces that combine comfort and luxury, from lounge chairs to low-profile sofas. The spaced-out placement of the lounge furniture and dining table too amp up the room’s overall vibe.

Bedrooms are designed to soothe, enliven, and create a modern style that promotes one to attain respite. Thus, one’s bedroom needs to provide a pleasant environment amidst luxury. Bedrooms need to exude an element of relaxed respite, whether they are cool & subtle or vibrant & striking. With Modern furniture design characterised by clean lines, a prevalence of single monochromatic tones can be experienced with storage that emphasises on utility over form. In the bedroom of the Glass Manor project designed by the team at Salankar Pashine and Associates, the rustic undertones and earthy tones give the bedroom a warm, homely aesthetic.

Mix-it up with the Traditional Wooden Setting 
Create a balance by enfusing traditional and modern furniture designs. It is crucial to dominate one style as one wants to formulate a space that lets the eye wander with equal attention. For a harmonised look, one can pair a more traditional wooden table with contemporary style chairs. Built contrast and excitement juxtaposed in colours and textures. While wooden furniture dominates the room, one can use complementing colour as an accent. This will help in tying different styles together while keeping in the same texture and colour scheme. In the picture below of the dining space, the striking white chairs offer the room a luxurious aura and let one have leisure time. With the right combination of the wooden furniture, the textural patterns formed to uplift the room interiors. 

Metallic Glam and Art Antiques
Add metal decor to the furnishings and witness the room instantly pick up the sheen. For a minimalist style, one can include decorative pieces such as gold, brass or silver with black metal finishings for a subdued effect. For a more traditional approach with a contemporary design style, bring in class and originality with the incorporation of antique art pieces. They aid in telling a story of a time forgotten and bring alive the golden era within modern interiors. 

Salankar Pashine and Associates’ team believe that the right furniture can improve the home interiors while adding to the overall decor and design. Each room can be given a unique identity with its flavour and look. Having reached an era where design aesthetics have transcended boundaries, innovative furniture design and layout styles are available and are experimented with. Furniture and furnishings are no more about woodwork but about its development and material styling, each uplifting the home in a distinctive way.


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