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IDS unveils innovative light collection

Innovative Design Studio (IDS) presents Zafferano’s Poldina Reverso lamp. The newest product redefines modern illumination by skillfully fusing exceptional looks with unmatched utility. The Poldina Reverso is a cordless table light with a movable storage tray that runs on batteries and can be recharged. When lit, the fixtures in this series become sophisticated, crystalline wonders […]

Sans Souci introduces BRANCHY light collection

The cutting-edge BRANCHY lights, a new design idea focused on identifying beauty and innovation between clashing perspectives, have been introduced by Sans Souci, a renowned designer and maker of glass and lighting installations. By defying conventional wisdom, BRANCHY transforms chandeliers into visually striking focal points for any room. Various hues of translucent, golden, silver, and […]

Sans Souci introduces new light collection

The luxury lighting solution Sans Souci presents the first product in its Home Editions line, the BOND Light Collection. Redefining the junction of usefulness and aesthetics, the Bond Light line is designed to blend in seamlessly with the subtleties of contemporary life. The lamp’s handcrafted glass pendants—one convex and one concave—are what make it special. […]

Exquisite wall lamps collection by Luxaddi

Luxaddi’s collection is a masterful display of their unwavering dedication to fusing practical sophistication with opulent aesthetics. Luxaddi, a brand renowned for its dedication to classic style and fine craftsmanship, presents its newest line of lamps. Each series goes beyond simple lighting, from crystal-encrusted brass wall lamps that evoke a sense of European grandeur to […]