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White Hanger’s timeless elegance

This is more than simply a store; it’s an architectural and artistic marvel that combines refinement, grandeur, and a dedication to providing the best possible shopping experience. White Hanger is a distinguished retail oasis that rises above the ordinary, located in the centre of Delhi, where sophisticated fashion fans search for the height of luxury. […]

Modern lighting designs

Explore the world of modern lighting design, which has shaped a beautiful interior space.  Modern materials and inventive designs combine to create fixtures that are the height of style and functionality. Come along as we delve into the fascinating realm of sculptural lighting and learn about the design movements that have shaped interior spaces over […]

Etienne Bergere armchair by Source Unlimited

The cutting-edge armchairs by Baxter in the Indian market are from Sources Unlimited, one of the first retailers of upscale international furniture, accessories, and lighting solutions. The chair was created by the well-known Roberto Lazzeroni and is known as the Etienne Bergere Armchair. This beautiful sculpture presents an unmatched example of aesthetic appeal by skillfully […]

Etreluxe introduces exquisite bed collection

Discover a world of luxury and refinement with Rugiano, which is offered in the stunning bed line at Etreluxe. Each item in this collection is a monument to luxury and style, designed to redefine elegance. These beds, with their sleek metal accents and luxurious upholstered headboards, are designed to completely transform the look of one’s […]

Maishaa introduces Manual Revert collection

Revolutionising sustainable living, Maishaa, a leader in the furnishing textile industry, presents its newest line, Manual Revert. Maishaa brings fabrics from around the world with a steadfast dedication to giving clients textiles infused with love and passion. Adopting the notion that practicality is crucial but aesthetics captivates, Maishaa creates and produces textiles that transform commonplace […]

Bay Windows unveils modern furniture collection

Renowned for its understated elegance, Bay Window presents a carefully chosen selection of couches and coffee tables that highlight the inherent beauty of curved furniture. Every piece reflects Bay Window’s dedication to style, comfort, and uniqueness.   Citron Crafted from mango wood with warm vintage tones, this table is a balanced blend of design and […]

IDS unveils innovative light collection

Innovative Design Studio (IDS) presents Zafferano’s Poldina Reverso lamp. The newest product redefines modern illumination by skillfully fusing exceptional looks with unmatched utility. The Poldina Reverso is a cordless table light with a movable storage tray that runs on batteries and can be recharged. When lit, the fixtures in this series become sophisticated, crystalline wonders […]

Sans Souci introduces BRANCHY light collection

The cutting-edge BRANCHY lights, a new design idea focused on identifying beauty and innovation between clashing perspectives, have been introduced by Sans Souci, a renowned designer and maker of glass and lighting installations. By defying conventional wisdom, BRANCHY transforms chandeliers into visually striking focal points for any room. Various hues of translucent, golden, silver, and […]

RR Decor launches Citrine furniture collection

RR Decor, a well-known manufacturer of textiles and furnishings for the home, presents its own “Citrine” line. This high-end line is ready to raise the bar in interior design by offering discriminating homeowners a special combination of cosiness, sophistication, and comfort. Citrine is a tastefully blended blend of high-end, calming hues that have been meticulously chosen […]