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Escape by Creatomy introduces modern bedroom collection

Escape by Creatomy introduces modern bedroom collection


Escape by Creatomy presents their newest collection of contemporary bedroom furniture, which combines sleek modern style with useful functionality. This new collection offers a novel approach to bedroom furniture by combining opulent materials, minimalist shapes, and clean lines.

Each item in the collection is expertly crafted and meticulously detailed, guaranteeing to enhance the atmosphere of your haven and create a well-balanced mix of comfort and design. The Contemporary Bedroom Collection by Escape by Creatomy is sure to enthral, whether you’re trying to update your decor or add a dash of modern elegance.

Escape by Creatomy Jasper _ Design Sense

The headboard of the “Jasper” bed artfully blends tattoo designs with tribal motifs with the grace of embroidery. Its bullet-like legs give it a powerful, menacing appearance. The bed oozes refinement while showcasing the inherent beauty of the wood, finished in a slick black finish that shows the grain.

Escape by Creatomy Dorian _ Design Sense

The “Dorian” side tables blend elements of Indian bamboo forests with modern design. They perfectly depict the organic beauty of bamboo, with a smooth black marble top resting on a base adorned with angular wooden slats and finished in a rich black stain. This elegant and naturally inspired design creates a visually arresting equilibrium that infuses modern spaces with a hint of the natural world.

Escape by Creatomy Azure _ Design Sense

The “Azure” totems have a rich emotional resonance. They encapsulate the grace, tenacity, and lively spirit of Indian tribes, reflecting their rich cultural legacy. The thoughtfully hung cords represent harmony and togetherness, fusing the many threads of India’s tribal customs into a cohesive story.

Escape by Creatomy Nura _ Design Sense

“Nura” Totems These eye-catching decor items, which are made from a combination of new and recycled wood, have classy black wood finishes that go well with their alluring geometric motifs.

For more info visit: https://www.escapebycreatomy.com/


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