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Modern lighting designs


Explore the world of modern lighting design, which has shaped a beautiful interior space. 

Modern materials and inventive designs combine to create fixtures that are the height of style and functionality. Come along as we delve into the fascinating realm of sculptural lighting and learn about the design movements that have shaped interior spaces over the first half of this incredible year.

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Puro, a daringly minimalist interpretation of atmospheric pendant lights by Lucie Koldova, is offered by Innovative Design Group at Innovative Design Studio (IDS). Drawn from the Spanish term “cigar” and its double connotation of “pure,” this series has simple shapes and elegant styling. The tubes’ diffused glow produces a dynamic atmosphere, and their alternating gloss and matte textures give extra appeal. Puro offers adaptable and appealing lighting solutions that are perfect for a variety of contexts, including offices, private dining areas, boutiques, showrooms, and hospitality environments.

Escape by Creatomy presents the Hoo light, a magnificent combination of style and utility. Drawn from the elaborate ear adornment of ladies in the Northeast, the light exudes sculptural grace. The Hoo light blurs the boundaries between art and lighting fixtures, giving every area a little cultural diversity in addition to the necessary lighting.


Presenting Branchy lights—a blend of transformational beauty and sculptured illumination. Branchy Light is a novel design idea that seeks to highlight the inventiveness and beauty that exist between divergent viewpoints. By subverting preconceptions about what a chandelier may be, Branchy transforms your room into an aesthetically pleasing focal point. A selection of translucent, golden, silver, and rose gold tones are available for these sleek crystal tubes, which are sandblasted and bound together with metal fittings. Depending on how you want to light your home, your chandelier can create a varied ambience and mood because each component has an LED light source running through it.


The epitome of innovative sculpture lighting design is the Shikara Pendant Light, presented by Arjun Rathi. With its seamless integration of design and symbolism, the Shikhara Pendant Light is a compelling example of how art, culture, and philosophy can come together. This pendant lamp becomes a visual representation of the traditional Panchamahabhuta Bhumi concept, taking its cue from the harmonious proportions found in Indian temples. The pendant changes into a lyrical depiction of elemental balance, representing the five elements: earth, water, fire, air, and ether. Grounding aesthetics are one way that the earth element manifests itself, giving the design a sense of rootedness. An elegant and dynamic aspect is added by fluid lines, which evoke the water element.


The Georgian chandeliers by Luxaddi, which displayed distinctive architectural and design elements, were well-liked during the Georgian era. This chandelier pays homage to the amazing design philosophy of that era, constructed entirely of brass, crystal, and glass. The three tiers offer unmatched luxury, distinction, and grandeur. These chandeliers raise the opulence and ambience of any location since they were historically used to light magnificent ballrooms, lavish palaces, and other notable areas.



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