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Classic light collections for every season

Classic light collections for every season


The warm glow of a winter night or the entrancing glimmer of fairy lights in a summer garden are just two examples of the magical nature that some lighting fixtures have all year.

The Radiant Beacon Sconce by Luxaddi is a work of art that oozes beauty and luxury. This wall lamp is crafted from fine gilt bronze and features delicate leaf motifs and elaborate patterns, making it a symbol of richness. It is a classic addition to any decor, meticulously fashioned from pure brass with a linen shade that exudes an air of grandeur and sophistication.

Luxaddi Lights _ Design Sense

Arjun Rathi Design’s Channapatna Linear series presents a visionary innovation that magnificently glows throughout the year. A stunning balustrade with enticing blue hand-blown glass roundels is the result of careful craftsmanship dancing in unison with the ethereal charm of hand-blown glass.

Arjun Rathi Lights _ Design Sense

Furthermore, Catellani & Smith’s Ensō Lamp is a gorgeous combination of modern design with Japanese calligraphy. This lamp, which was inspired by Enzo Catellani’s trip to Japan, embodies the Ensō circle, which stands for wholeness and enlightenment. Crafted from brass and metal with an uneven blue surface painted by hand, it lends a touch of creativity to any area and has won awards including the Light Middle East Awards 2024 and the Archiproducts Design Awards 2023.

Catellani & Smith Lights _ Design Sense
Catellani & Smith available at IDs by innovative Design Group

A classic work of art, the Brass Ceiling Lamp by Stone Art is made entirely of solid brass and has an opulent gilded brass finish. Exhibiting elaborate patterns and themes reminiscent of traditional Moroccan architecture, it draws inspiration from the rich heritage of Moroccan design. This ceiling light is ideal for both contemporary and traditional settings. It creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere in any space by acting as a striking focal point.

Stone Art Lights _ design Sense

With its modern elegance and sophistication, the Umbrella Ceiling Lamp by Bay Window is a testament to its dedication to creating the perfect refined living space. Its distinctive design, which draws inspiration from umbrellas, produces an enchanting play of light and shadows that elevates your home’s aesthetic. It is a compelling addition to any space, ideal for setting a cosy mood for daily life or making an impression on special occasions due to its attention to detail and dedication to quality.

Bay Window lights _ Design sense

Additionally, Sans Souci’s Bond Light line reimagines what happens when practicality and style meet. The collection, which includes skillfully created glass pendants coated with cutting-edge nanotechnology for greater durability, has been skillfully designed to blend in with modern life. These lights come in a variety of sizes and colours, so you can create the ideal lighting arrangement for your area.

Sans Souci light _ Design Sense

Gabriel Scott’s Welles Double Blown Glass Pendants combine classic style with contemporary sophistication. These pendants, which are made by hand at their production studio in Montreal, come in a range of metal finishes and double-blown glass shades. The handcrafted glass shades, which come in alabaster white, provide a mellow, diffused glow that makes the space feel cosy and welcoming. With their LED light source guaranteeing lifespan and lower energy usage, these fixtures, whether suspended or ceiling-mounted, blend in perfectly with any environment and offer an environmentally friendly option.

Sources Unlimited Lights _ Design Sense
Gabriel Scott available at Sources Unlimited

In summary, these lighting fixtures from several well-known companies completely rethink what it means to be illuminated. They provide the ideal balance of style, utility, and classic elegance that goes with any season and breathes a little magic into your living areas.


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