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Nuance Studio introduces concrete furniture series

Nuance Studio introduces concrete furniture series


Blucco Set, the newest product line from Nuance Studio, a forerunner in the architecture industry known for its innovative Litheoz concrete technology, is proudly announced.

The Blucco Set is the pinnacle of ergonomic excellence in concrete furniture. This collection, which includes three key pieces—the Blucco chair, a multipurpose side table, and a slim flat seater—smoothly combines minimalist design with unmatched comfort and elegance, pushing the limits of both indoor and outdoor furniture.

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Speaking on the design philosophy behind the Blucco Set, Deepshikha Rai, Nuance Studio’s Marketing and Sales Head, remarked, “The Blucco chair encapsulates a harmonious fusion of comfort and luxury. During a recent showcase event, participants were captivated by its allure, reluctant to relinquish their seats to the next eager individual.”

The Blucco Set, created by the visionary designer Gautham Chelvakumar, has a commanding presence and a masterful balance of form and function. Disregarding traditional ideas of furniture design, the Blucco Set upends the status quo by fusing an earthy, bulky look with the strength of Litheoz concrete, reinventing elegance in every aspect.

The Blucco Set is more than just furniture; it’s a new benchmark for modern living spaces, representing sophistication and creativity.

For more info visit: http://www.thenuancestudio.com


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