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Floral spring-summer textile collection at Maishaa

Maishaa, known for its avant-garde furnishing textiles, proudly presents the spring Callaway Ruby line by ILIV, a brilliant tribute to spring’s exuberance. Maishaa’s legacy lives on as it continues to infuse areas with a dynamic spirit. The brand curates materials that transform daily linens into symbols of richness and responsible living, based on the premise […]

Konark fabric collection by RR Decor

Renowned for their remarkable hand-woven silk textiles with unique patterns inspired by Indian customs but radiating a global allure, RR Decor is a brand that sticks out in the furniture industry. The company unveils Konark, an extraordinary fabric collection. The most exquisite and charming motifs are available in the Konark Collection, which will instantly change […]

Fabric collection by Manuel Revert at Maishaa

Maishaa is thrilled to announce its Manuel Revert collection, which embodies the celebration of our rich heritage and steady dedication to quality craftsmanship. In the world of Maishaa, where tradition meets innovation, every thread tells a story. For over 65 years, they have created a legacy of excellence, artistry, and progress in every fabric they […]