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Ultimate in luxury at Küche7

Ultimate in luxury at Küche7


Explore elegant architecture, first-rate materials, and state-of-the-art organisation in a setting meant to delight and inspire.

Küche7, a well-known industry leader in India for sumptuous stainless steel kitchens, closets, and vanity units, is about to open an experience centre in New Delhi where guests can get a sneak peak at their incredible collections in a setting that is both tastefully luxurious and cosy. At Küche7, the adaptability of modular design and the plethora of colours and finishes available for stainless steel combine to create beautifully attractive kitchens. Being the first Indian stainless steel kitchen brand to achieve international recognition, Küche7 has created history.

The interiors represent Indian homes of the future, designed with the sophisticated tastes of their discriminating clientele in mind. Visitors can imagine the experience centre as their own while submerging themselves in magnificent settings. The Küche7 experience centre, created by Raipur-based boutique design company Azure Interiors, is a prime example of opulent and well-thought-out interior design.

Every location provides a different experience while also introducing visitors to new viewpoints at every turn, demonstrating the Küche7 brand’s adaptability and extensive creativity. The overall aesthetic appeal is kept harmonious and unified. The brand’s characteristic material, stainless steel, is widely used throughout the 2,500 square foot area. You are welcomed by the experience center’s cutting-edge features and excellent graphics, which skillfully combine style and technology. The rooms have a natural, luxurious aura that permeates them.

Right away as you enter the first of the four kitchens that are on exhibit, the design gradually changes. The main room is distinguished from the entrance area by a functional staircase, even if the colour scheme is strongly related to it. Here, Küche7’s mastery of curving kitchen designs is elegantly displayed with a bold black and rose gold motif. There is a discussion room next to the first kitchen, and it has secret storage for finished samples.

Due to space restrictions, the second kitchen is positioned parallel to the first and is made to appear larger by sticking to a basic colour scheme. The third kitchen has more colour and flora to give vibrancy, but the rest is kept simple. With its vibrant green colour scheme and modern, whimsical design, kitchen four gives the whole experience a lively feel. Beside is a stylish bar area that is a unique element that blends in perfectly with the center’s opulent atmosphere.

The walk-in wardrobe, positioned conveniently near the fourth kitchen, showcases the ultimate in smart storage solutions with ample space, premium materials and smart organisational systems. The center also includes a second discussion area, a work office, a powder washroom and a pantry, providing a comprehensive and immersive experience. The Küche7 experience center is an elegant amalgamation of curves, premium finishes, and thoughtful design. Every detail is crafted to make visitors feel at home and be inspired, at the same time, putting them totally at ease through-out.

For more details, visit: https://www.kuche7.com/



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