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A Contemporary Makeover

A Contemporary Makeover


Located in the posh surroundings of Juhu, this 3 Bedroom apartment steals arresting views of the Arabian sea across the road. Designed for a family of four, the home that was initially built in the 70s needed to be renovated to bring it in tandem with the modern lifestyle of the residents and resonate with the transformed surroundings of the cosmopolitan city of Mumbai.

Spanning over 950 sq.ft., the apartment is envisioned by the clients as a reflection of its context. To enable a dialogue among them, the interiors and exteriors have been brought in sync to constantly bring in the ocean vibes into the space. Inspired by the surroundings, the mood board is strongly dominated by colours that reflect the ocean and the sunsets, and give the illusion and feel of the serene beach atmosphere. The lack of natural light ingress was a challenging constraint, that was overcome by opening up the height and incorporating light pastel tones in the colour palette. Modern forms, minimal elements, clean lines and uncluttered spaces define the design approach, accentuated by soft mood lighting and warm materials that exude elegance and cosiness.

The living room has been transformed into an open plan to create spaces that flow into each other cohesively. Lines as an element are used to create a space that is elegant as well as a classic in nature. Subtle Italian marble coupled with PU finish furniture elements creates a sophisticated as well as elegant interior space. The vibrant sofa piece adds a splash of colour to the otherwise monochrome design adding briskness to the space. The centre table is created by reusing the existing furniture piece. The old wooden table has been embellished with a floral mosaic on-site to create a stunning, accent piece for the space. The beach facing bar area is a step area that draws inspiration for the shades of brown to create a marble pattern, custom-created for the home and mounted on the adjacent wall. The pattern is replicated on a cement sheet on the opposite wall that is defined with a subtle wooden panelling texture to create an unobtrusive backdrop.

The client is an avid traveller and collector and had requested to create a space to exhibit her collection. To incorporate this request, a mirror all display unit has been created to portray and celebrate her collection as well as confine and focus it to a dedicated area. The art collection owned by the client is infused into the crockery unit, mounted to create intriguing furniture pieces. Since the client entertains often, the space is designed to be soothing and calming as well as warm and welcoming. The living space is just as functional as aesthetic, wherein concealed cabinets create ample storage to declutter the living space.

The den is strategically placed to capture and give an experience of the magical sunsets every day. A place to relax and read, the room has a sense of open airiness. A comfortable sofa and a library created by shelves are enhanced with the art made by the client in vibrant tones to add a play of bright colours. The space is perfectly tailored to suit the needs of the client who is also a Buddhist and is fond of reading.

The renovated bedroom is planned as an island with the bed being placed in the centre of the room, shifting away from the traditional model of beds placed along the walls. This aids in effectively creating distinct spaces through the use of the bed as a divider. The island format enables a minimalistic approach to the three major functions the wardrobe space, the bed and the storage. A long passage greets the user at the entrance, which almost appears to be endless due to the mirror wardrobes at the far end. Leading to the bathroom, it creates the illusion of a walk-in wardrobe sans vertical obstructions, allowing one to experiencethe vastness of the room. Enabling open shelving systems for the bedroom, the TV unit has been integrated into the open shelf, and a large piece of furniture spans across the wall and generates drama.
To optimise the aesthetics and the functionality of spaces, storage and doorways are concealed in a single material with clean detailing. Veneer used on the walls of the passage gives the impression of a solid wooden block but conceals ample storage for utility. The arch-shaped headboard in a mint green fabric is a key feature in the design, adding to the coastal vibe and bringing in softness, in contrast to the boxed furniture and tying the colour palette together. The
bathroom is designed with a sandy theme, using Burberry beige marble on walls complemented by a terrazzo marble counter. A large egg-shaped mirror enhances the space and brings a soft playfulness. An important feature and an element of reuse has been the wardrobes. The four decades old wardrobes were in good condition and have been reused by only changing thecolour and finish.
The exquisite carpentry done decades ago has kept the wardrobes intact even after decades, creating an opportunity to keep a part of the old alive in the new. Bespoke furniture, attention to detail and a couple of stand-out pieces such as the concave rose gold handles and the pendant light in the bathroom endow the space with a warm and welcoming vibe. With modern accessorizing that harmonizes with the theme of the spaces, the house embodies the true spirit of the ocean and the calming feeling it brings.


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