Home Brand Works A perfect blend of style and functionality for the bathroom by GROHE
A perfect blend of style and functionality for the bathroom by GROHE

A perfect blend of style and functionality for the bathroom by GROHE


GROHE Allure offers a range of bathroom fittings that stand out with their unique and versatile product line, featuring sleek designs and advanced functionality.

These fittings are highly durable, ensuring long-lasting performance. Based on three design values of human, easy, and performance, GROHE Allure fittings are meticulously designed to provide the utmost comfort and convenience through adjustable mousseur and swivelling spout features. They are available in four premium colour schemes that cater to every bathroom style and concept.

Using the latest technology, GROHE Allure fittings provide smooth and precise water flow, while high-quality materials make them resistant to corrosion and wear. Their cosmopolitan nature makes them a perfect fit for modern bathrooms, giving users complete control and enhancing their overall experience.

GROHE Airio washbasins take consistency and control to the next level, delivering a sleek and extraordinary product with impressively slim edges measuring just 5 mm thick. Made of unique ceramic clay material, GROHE Airio ensures consistent and precise thickness throughout the basin, resulting in an impeccably uniform and immaculate finished product.

GROHE Airio also includes a ceramic waste set with a slim drain designed with meticulous attention to design harmony. The washbasins feature Hyperclean technology that prevents the growth of germs and puregaurd, two surface technologies that deliver exceptional anti-bacterial and anti-drip performance. The new GROHE Airio ceramic vessel basin comes in three beautiful shapes: round basin, lozenge basin, and rectangular basin, with advanced GROHE Progaurd technology preventing dirt from sticking, making it easy to clean.

GROHE Allure fittings and GROHE Airio washbasins offer a perfect combination of style and functionality for any bathroom. With their unique design, advanced technology, and attention to detail, these products offer durability, precision, and comfort, elevating their overall experience.


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