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A serene symphony of lightness and luxury

A serene symphony of lightness and luxury


“We aimed to create a space that seamlessly combines elegance, functionality, and personal style, tailored to the needs and aspirations of the homeowners.” 

In the prestigious address of DLF Camellias, Gurugram, a remarkable three-bedroom apartment spanning 7,400 sqft stands as a testament to exquisite contemporary design. With clean lines, impressive aesthetics, and stylish interventions, this space has been meticulously crafted to fulfil the aspirations of a family of four.

The common areas of the apartment exude elegance, with the use of stunning statuary stone gracefully veined to create a subtly opulent backdrop. Embracing a predominantly neutral palette, a signature of Essentia Environments’ design style, the space exudes a sense of lightness, luxury, and spaciousness. Carefully selected accent shades, from pastel pinks and blues to greens and greys, add a touch of modernity without overpowering the ambience.

The interplay of colours, textures, forms, and shapes creates a harmonious and calming environment. Sleek lights and avant-garde elements infuse the apartment with a modern edge, while glass partitions with refined black metal frames allow for transparency and a seamless flow of space.

Upon entering the apartment, one is greeted by the common areas, the living room, the dining area, the family lounge, and the bar. Unique sculptures and carefully curated artworks add visual interest and inject pops of colour and movement into each space. Wood panelling on the ceiling distinguishes the dining area, creating an elegant, peaceful atmosphere that exudes class and luxury.

The three en-suite bedrooms, each designed in a distinctive style, cater to the specific needs of their occupants. Soft and soothing colours, sumptuous textiles, and wooden flooring create a warm and cosy ambience. Marbled bathrooms provide a clean and charming sanctuary for rejuvenation.

Essentia Environments goes above and beyond in creating a truly personalised living experience. Every furniture piece, mirror, vanity, door, wardrobe, and fixture is custom-designed and manufactured in-house, ensuring exclusivity and reflecting the unique lifestyle of the occupants.

With its stunning contemporary design, attention to detail, and commitment to creating spaces that merge elegance, functionality, and personal style, this three-bedroom apartment at DLF Camellias redefines luxury living. 


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