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Contemporary and classic design makers

Contemporary and classic design makers


Revolutionizing the design scene with an experience centre launched by the creative mindsets of The Karighars in close collaboration with Aristo India; perfectionists in finishings.

The KariGhars are attributed as “Gods of contemporary design”. Since the inception of The KariGhars, the firm has undertaken complete turnkey projects for villas and apartments and transformed them into luxurious living spaces. The KariGhars aims to develop ever-lasting impressions with efficient layouts, bright colour palettes, bespoke furniture, and strategic lighting schemes for their clients’ dream homes.

Abhishek Chadha is the principal interior designer of the Bangalore-based firm “THE KARIGHARS,” which derives its name from the words “Karigar” and “Ghar.” Our projects are not limited to a single subject; we deal with contemporary and classic design, and most importantly, we prioritize our client’s needs, says Abhishek.

The KariGhars has set the standard for excellent interior design by launching its first Experience Center in Bangalore. The Karighars experience center was thus influenced by the notion of touch and feel. The experience centre is designed to provide a sense of how a home might appear and function. It is an assortment of various designs, materials, furniture, and furnishings. As a result, the entire space is decorated with various colour schemes and themes in furniture, furnishings, and decor. One can relax on a sofa or peruse the large wardrobes on the exhibit. The modular kitchen and furniture come with all hardware and hinges, allowing customers to choose what best meets their needs. Now that you know what the experience centre is all about, go ahead and explore, experience, and indulge in your dream come true.

Vinayak Chadha, Managing Director at The KariGhars, has substantial confidence in managing teams and leading projects. Adamant about taking the company to heights and dominating the field of the luxury interior design industry, Vinayak ensures the motto holds to KariGhars, “Think Luxury, Think KariGhars”.

As a part of this grand launch, a press meet was held with the esteemed Founders and Director of Aristo India, which subsumed a group of eminent journalists inquiring about the renowned luxury brand TheKariGhars and their notable works in the city.




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