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NYC private residence décor by Covet House

With over 1700 products and 1300 inspirations ranging from midcentury to current classic designs, COVET HOUSE is the most potent instrument for stimulating creativity, making it an ideal fit for our project. The ideal method to create an elegant interior design that is both classic and retro at the same time is to trust in […]

Modern living spaces by Azure Interiors

Azure Interiors, a renowned Raipur-based provider of interior design and decor solutions, offers an enthralling exhibition of living room aesthetics that skillfully combines sophistication with modern charm. Azure Interiors presents a breathtaking take on contemporary living areas, defined by the classic appeal of grey and neutral wall colours. The colour scheme selected not only exudes […]

Rosha introduce new light collection

Discover the Ideal Gift for Your Workaholic— Bibliophile For the dedicated workaholic and bookworm in your life, start a journey of thoughtful gifting with Rosha’s excellent selection. This distinctive range of lights blends practicality with literary allure, making it ideal for lighting up not only areas but also the hearts of people who find comfort […]

Azure Interiors visionary design trends

Embrace the fusion of nature, versatility, and artisanal craftsmanship where Azure Interiors transforms spaces into timeless expressions of sophistication and sustainability. Raipur-based Azure Interiors, a prominent player in the interior and decor solutions realm, is committed to unravelling the intricacies of personalised decor. Renowned for curating sophisticated yet functional spaces, Azure Interiors unveils its visionary […]

Ethos: Luxury Flagship Boutiques

The brand’s language balances elegance and extravagance with its wide range of products, from entry-level to high-end luxury. Aprominent watches retailer, Ethos has fortysix premium stores across India spanning multiple formats that cater to every one of its clients. GroupDCA was appointed to develop and restructure the brand’s identity and spearhead a colossal rollout of […]

Supreme Luxury Embracing Natural Textures

The clients wanted a quiet retreat, and the designers, Azure Interiors’, rooted the aesthetics in nature while maintaining a sophisticated edge to create a relaxing atmosphere. Farmhouse interiors dotted with showstopper features, yet conceived to fade into the surroundings, Azure Interiors’ latest project demonstrates how a holiday home can be both a luxurious getaway and […]

The new central office of GloraX

The new central office of GloraX, located in a historic building on Nevsky Prospect, is the company’s critical space for meeting with clients and solving work challenges. The developers entrusted the Archpoint bureau with the design of a new space – its creation from scratch. The architects were tasked with creating an innovative, technological (cosy […]