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Ethos: Luxury Flagship Boutiques

Ethos: Luxury Flagship Boutiques


The brand’s language balances elegance and extravagance with its wide range of products, from entry-level to high-end luxury.

Aprominent watches retailer, Ethos has fortysix premium stores across India spanning multiple formats that cater to every one of its clients. GroupDCA was appointed to develop and restructure the brand’s identity and spearhead a colossal rollout of all forms – the base outlets in tier-three cities, the bridge to luxury stores in tier-one and tier-two cities, and luxury boutiques in tier-one cities and metropolises.

The luxury flagship boutiques for Ethos are spread over a 2000-6000 sq.ft area in prime locations of the biggest cities, including Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Kolkata. The façade design, spatial layouts, architectural elements, materiality, colour palette, and lighting schemes reflect a modern luxury imbued with warmth. Simplicity and serenity anchor the layouts. However, the standout elements here are the unusual materials chosen in terms of colour and texture.

The extensive use of exposed concrete in various colours demarcates entryways, distinguishing sections for watch brands. Here, the play with exposed concrete allows Ethos to connect brands of equal renown while stitching together its own identity as a boutique. Wood panels are serrated with flutes, providing a subtle texture to the otherwise plain veneers. To add an opulent accent, a touch of champagne gold metal is used to accentuate tones of grey and wood.

This combination is used on trims and profiles, especially on the abstracts and artistic lattices on the lower facia of all the watch counters. While some brands provide their unique brand displays, others have opted for the conventional furnishings produced by group DCA including wall modules, island counters, and vitrines. The flagship stores blend materials and elemental furniture for an aesthetic balance. The flagships are also adorned with boutique lighting highlighting in-store displays.

To enhance its impact, the common areas of the store are relatively lesslit. Bespoke chandeliers over the central seating area are ring-shaped to resemble watch dials floating in space, further underlining Ethos’ brand identity. These luxury flagships are also fitted with a coffee bar and a library to take advantage of the showrooms’ substantial space and offer customers warm, hospitable
breaks in their shopping experience. The overall design intent of the flagship is to present a complete brand story in its authentic language.




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