Home Décor Emery Studio Launches the Marrakech Collection by Barovier&Toso
Emery Studio Launches the Marrakech Collection by Barovier&Toso

Emery Studio Launches the Marrakech Collection by Barovier&Toso


Traditional manufacturing marries eclectic forms, giving life to creations that float suspended in the air.

Founded in 1295, Barovier & Toso creations are one of-a-kind works in Venetian mouth-blown crystal, handcrafted by master artisans in Murano, custodians of an ageold tradition passed down across the generations. Angelo Barovier invented a revolutionary formula that enabled obtaining an unprecedented material with extraordinary characteristics of extreme transparency and
brightness. Bespoke decorative lighting, home decor, and tableware specialist Emery Studio bring India the striking Marrakech Collection lamp by Barovier&Toso.

I novation can spring from recombining knowledge, expertise, design, and traditional cultural values. This collection is inspired by zellige (Moroccan tiles), where the hexagonal piece is in Venetian glass crafted with the dew technique to create an irregular surface with variations of tone, brightness, transparency and depth, precisely as in its clay counterpart. Barovier&Toso practices ageold techniques, symbolizing the tradition at an entire state of the art, generating classic and iconic products and contemporary rediscoveries of styles that never lose their lustre.

Elegant and sophisticated, the “rugiada” (meaning“dew”) technique was invented in 1938 by Ercole Barovier and then patented by Barovier&Toso. The dewy decorative effect is achieved during the working process by the hot attachment of minute fragments of glass that give the extreme object brightness. The extraordinary Marrakech Collection enhances the rugiada glass in forms inspired by nature.

Barovier&Toso also hosts a widely varied and versatile collection in blown Murano glass (Venetian Crystal), capable of evoking other eras or adding a contemporary accent to the environment.



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