Home Décor Action TESA presents ready to install Pre Laminated Boards
Action TESA presents ready to install Pre Laminated Boards

Action TESA presents ready to install Pre Laminated Boards


These prelaminated boards are designed to beautify your interiors within your budget.

Action TESA, one of India’s largest manufacturers of Engineered Panel Products like MDF/HDHMR/Boilo & Particle Boards in India, presents pre-laminated boards to meet your interior beautification needs within your budget. Pre-lamination is the pressing of MF impregnated decorative or Plain color paper on the Board surface under controlled temperature & pressure uniformly across the length and breadth of every Board. This results in perfect bubble free smooth surface enhancing the aesthetics of your interiors by giving superior finishing. Action TESA Pre-laminated Boards are ready to use boards which are easy to install and are available in multiple colours that save time and money on labour & hardware costs.

Action TESA’s pre laminated boards are engineered to be strong, durable and value for money with a simple design that is easy to install. In addition, there are several colors available to fit your style. These boards have been tested regularly to certify natural resources are handled under the procedures of sustainability. Pre-lamination is available in varieties of MDF, HDF, HDHMR, Boilo- BWP HDF and Anti- Bacterial boards of Action Tesa.

Prelaminated boards by  Action TESA are also available with the added advantage of Antiviro Technology which kills 99.99% viruses, bacteria & microbes thus safeguards your interiors from the invisible enemies which can cause harm to your health. These boards are highly suitable in making furniture items for any high public traffic areas such as hospitals, health & spa institutions, educational institutions, malls, airports and hotels. It also serves multiple purposes in residential as well as commercial areas.

“Our Pre-laminated boards are a result of extensive research with an aim to strengthen our market presence with a superior product range. The prelaminated boards are strong, yet cost effective, offering exceptional value for money. It not only meets the basic needs for manufacturing furniture, but also serves as an excellent alternative material in all kind of general construction applications.” adds  Ajay Aggarwal, Managing Director, Action TESA.

The prelaminated boards are the next step in TESA’s evolution. The drying system for wood chips has been imported from MEC USA to give even moisture distribution in board resulting in structure stability of products. The in-house glue is being manufactured for all products to make sure that there is reliable and stable quality in every lot. The entire manufacturing process of prelaminated boards is the reason behind easier and faster installation than any other traditional panel.

For more information, visit: www.actiontesa.com


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