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Emery Studio Unveils the Spectacular L’OBJET Haas Brothers Collection

Emery Studio Unveils the Spectacular L’OBJET Haas Brothers Collection


Bespoke decorative lighting, home decor and tableware specialist Emery Studio brings to India, an exquisite new collection known as L’OBJET Haas Brothers by the eponymous brand— L’OBJET

L’OBJET Haas Brothers is a meeting of imaginative minds and skilled hands. Inspired by the otherworldly landscape of Joshua Tree, the Los Angeles-based artists Simon and Nikolai Haas worked in close collaboration with Elad Yifrach, Creative Director, and the master craftsmen at L’OBJET to create a family of characterful creatures with the highest quality of finish and function.

The design team at L’OBJET worked on a series of shapes for scale and function, which the brothers used as canvases for their creative fantasies. 3D printing enabled the designs to transport from the Brothers’ studio in LA to the L’OBJET porcelain atelier in Portugal. Together with Elad, the brothers flew to Portugal to manually work and sculpt each prototype by hand before molds were made ready for porcelain pouring. L’OBJET Haas Brothers capture a delicate balance between retaining the hand as the primary tool and using technology to support a complex and precise process.

The fantasy world encompasses tableware, home décor, textiles, and fragrance. True to the L’OBJET brand philosophy, all items are not only beautifully formed, but also elegantly functional. The dinnerware is embellished with whimsical motifs from the Mojave Desert, setting the scene for the fantasy behind the collection. Across the home décor and textile categories, signature Haas Brother textures come into play: hand-carved scales, porcelain ‘fur’ and whimsical horns add a playful touch to otherwise organic forms. “It’s a full fantasy world, brought together with a specific and prolific point of view,” stated Elad Yifrach, Founder and Creative Director of L’OBJET.

Second Skin Series

In order to survive the punishing conditions of the Mojave Desert, the most resilient of creatures from the Haas monster family developed a magical second skin. Forming protection from the harsh sun and bitter nights, they glimmer by day and pulse by night. The Second Skin Vessel Series includes 12 hand-painted designs, each a limited edition of 15.

Mojave Palm

The newest scent by master perfumer Yann Vasnier featuring notes of papyrus, guaiac wood, balsam fir, patchouli and frankincense. Available in a one-wick sculpted porcelain votive, four-wick unicorn monster candle, and Japanese incense.

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