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Ladhani House: A Departure from Vernacular Design Ideas

Ladhani House: A Departure from Vernacular Design Ideas


Designed by Studio Archohm the Ladhani House is a creative convergence of minimalistic finishes, exemplary relaxing spaces, innovative openings and skylights

The Ladhani House is a thoughtful approach towards designing residential spaces for new age clients. The design of the spaces departs from the ideas which focused on the past characteristics of vernacular Indian households and follows a rather contemporary theme.

The architects wanted to create optimized floor plates with efficient programmatic functioning to achieve maximised height spaces for the small family. The effort to reduce the built environment has been achieved by designing a cantilever system with concrete which enhances the opportunity to design open and spill-over spaces.

The exterior of the residence is moulded to create innovative openings and skylights which allows a very strong connection between the house and the surroundings allowing ample natural light into the spaces. The exterior facade of the home creates a new element of solidarity and endurance in an urban context that completely stands out in comparison to the surrounding houses. The project epitomizes the convergence of natural materials like Red Travertine and Kadappa Stone in its interior palette.

The visitors enter the ground floor through a double-height entrance. The narrative of spaces is further enhanced by the aesthetic artworks by Mukul Goyal and Vishakha. The basement of the house has a swimming pool along with recreational spaces in a naturally lit environment. The half-oval pool is perceived as a complete oval due to the full-length mirror which creates the illusion of a bigger space.

The first floor is designed as a personal space for the family. It connects the lower floors designed for visitors and staff with the upper floors that are designed for seclusion and privacy. The temple is designed in a double-height space with a small aperture on the top that resembles the form of the traditional temples, reimagined in a contemporary form.

The second-floor houses the guest bedrooms with minimalistic finishes and exemplary relaxing spaces with a lush terrace garden and outhouse that binds the natural and modern characteristics of the space vibrantly. The ambiance of the spaces, along with an immersive wall projection system creates new a experiential space for the family to spend more time together.

The whole informal and simplistic ambiance with the amalgamation of spatial elements is the result of deeply engaging conversations between the designers and client to create a space that is reminiscent of homeliness. The natural finish materials imbued into characteristics of modern spaces are featured with the natural sunlight in the day.

The house becomes a haven of peace and with a specifically designed facade to frame views that connect the surroundings. The design aims to infuse liveliness and a cool quotient into the home.



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