Home Product Profile Opulin reveals Modern Rug Collection for cc-tapis
Opulin reveals Modern Rug Collection for cc-tapis

Opulin reveals Modern Rug Collection for cc-tapis


Opulin is pleased to showcase cc-tapis’s newest rug line, which combines traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetics through hand-knotted motifs.

Opulin announces the debut of cc-tapis’s new rug collection. This unique collection, which combines traditional workmanship with modern design, includes finely produced, hand-knotted carpets such as “Les Arcs” by Charlotte Perriand, “Bliss Big” by Mae Engelgeer, and “Dentelle Hexagone” by Claude Cartier Studio.

The Dentelle Hexagone Classic Vert rug, created by Claude Cartier Studio, is made of Himalayan wool and silk and has vivid geometric designs that are hand-knotted. This rug, which is a part of the So Much Fun Collection by cc-tapis, blends modern style with traditional workmanship. With 125,000 knots per square metre, it has an excellent density. It is a unique and artistic statement piece that brings a lively and joyous touch to any area. It is available at Opulin and may be customised in size and colour.

The Bliss Big rug, created by Mae Engelgeer, is a unique item from cc-tapis’s Bliss Collection, which is sold at Opulin. This hand-knotted rug, which is 170×300 cm in size and may be customised, is made of a combination of pure silk, Himalayan wool, and cotton weave. It provides both durability and luxury. Engelgeer’s experimentation with rounded shapes and curves served as inspiration for this rug, which has a three-dimensional, sculptural appearance. Its elegant design combines different forms, patterns, and pile heights to create a visually striking textile environment that can be placed in any kind of room.

The renowned French designer and architect Charlotte Perriand created the Les Arcs Collection, a line of hand-knotted rugs that were originally intended to serve as textile panels for the interiors of the Les Arcs ski station in the French Alps. Over fifty years later, Jacques and Pernette Barsac worked closely with cc-tapis, accessible at Opulin, to achieve this never-before-produced design.

For more information visit: https://www.cc-tapis.com/



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