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Ramaniyam furniture design by Tusker Katha

Ramaniyam furniture design by Tusker Katha


The Ramaniyam Collection by Tusker Katha is a prime example of purposeful design, combining teak wood, rattan, and earthy textiles to produce aesthetically pleasing and useful furniture.

Tusker Katha is a living example of the idea that intentional and thoughtful expressions can result in design that is both visually beautiful and operational. The company presents the Ramaniyam Collection, which showcases excellent craftsmanship made from earthy-coloured textiles, rattan, and teak wood.

With its teak wood construction and tile inlay, the Ramaniyam Centre Table is made to look great in any room. This otherwise minimalist piece of furniture is given a pop of colour by the inclusion of colourful hand-laid tiles on the tabletop.

The Ramaniyam Console Unit combines traditional elegance with functionality to provide versatile storage options. It is made with brass knobs, teak wood, rattan, and fabric inlay. It has elaborate legs that add a traditional touch. Bright fabric inlays accentuate the shutters, while woven rattan adorns the two drawers. The brass knobs give a sophisticated touch to the complete unit, and the grooved oak facia accents the top drawers.

The dining table of the Ramaniyam dining set is made of teak wood, and the seating components are made of rattan, cloth upholstery, and teakwood. For a unified appearance, this set contains a table, dining chairs, stools, and a bench, all of which have similar leg elements. Because of its adaptable construction, the dining stools may be readily moved around the room as needed. Everybody can find a comfy place to sit with this dining set.

The series exudes sophistication and refinement, with cane accents and elaborate designs on cabinet doors that give any space a rich, ethnic feel. This dining set, with its vivid, geometric upholstery, will completely transform your dining space. By enhancing the visual attractiveness, these furniture items will provide a well-balanced combination of traditional charm and modern style.

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