Home Brand Works Sans Souci fulfils aspirations with invention & craft in light & design
Sans Souci fulfils aspirations with invention & craft in light & design

Sans Souci fulfils aspirations with invention & craft in light & design


Technology advancements are what drive Sans Souci. They win the customer’s heart and fulfil their aspirations with the use of light, design, invention, and craft.

The founder, Martin Chab, with Bohemian ancestry, Designer and producer of Sans Souci, is renowned for creating tailormade decorative lighting fixtures, glass objects and architectural features for projects around the world. It presents the origin collection that nods to the brand’s fascination with contrast.

The crew has extensive knowledge of light and is a lighting specialist. Even the trickiest lighting jobs are different from ours. They provide unique solutions for producing the ideal ambience through light, utilising cutting edge technology and dynamic and interactive lighting elements.

They spent years creating cutting-edge nano-coating procedures that enable glass and metal to work perfectly with one another. Furthermore, they have created, and coated installations made from 3D printed objects, expanding their knowledge beyond just glass surfaces.

Origin includes an ocean, its inhabitants, and a source of life. Origin in the shape of the glass, which embraces the handblown glass components and adopts an artisanal approach, is inspired by the minuscule, delicate bubbles inside the seashell. Light reflects differently through these elements, giving each one a distinct aura, similar to the only thing left in the water after a trail of bubbles has been removed. It turns into a boho adornment paired with leather, taking us back to the beginning.

This lighting fixture, possibly one of their more basic choices, truly gets its strong presence from the luminous handblown crystal juxtaposed against the toughness of the dark leather.

It comes in various shapes and weights and has three colour options: crystal with soda, crystal with soda and a cognac inner, and crystal with soda and  an aurum inner.

#Website: www.sanssoucilighting.com



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