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The exquisite charm of Portuguese Furniture

The exquisite charm of Portuguese Furniture


“Portuguese furniture where exquisite craftsmanship and Global influences intertwine to create timeless works of art.”

Step into a world of timeless elegance at The Great Eastern Home, where heritage and vintage furniture grace the stage. Among the various captivating period styles, one stands out for its distinctive allure – Portuguese furniture. With its unique characteristics, Portuguese furniture has set itself apart from contemporary European styles, particularly from the 17th century onwards.

The Portuguese people, renowned mariners from the Iberian Peninsula, embarked on daring sea explorations during the 15th century, charting new routes to Africa, Asia, and the Americas. Their encounters with diverse cultures across four continents naturally left an indelible mark on their artistic expressions.

Portuguese furniture of this period has become highly sought after for its collectability. The craftsmanship is exceptional, from ornately carved tables and chairs to robust cupboards featuring fielded panels and grand brass hinges. The chair, in particular, became a canvas for artistic experimentation.

These remarkable pieces exhibit vigorous carvings, often showcasing the favoured decorative motif of barley twists. Native woods like walnut and oak took a backseat, giving way to the allure of foreign exotic woods, particularly ebony.

A distinctive characteristic of many Portuguese furniture pieces is tooled leather adorned with metal studs. Embossed with intricate shell motifs, foliage, and other decorative designs, these leather accents add a touch of luxury. The Iberian style, at times, surprises with unexpected combinations inspired by global influences.

At The Great Eastern Home, you can discover an exquisite array of Portuguese furniture, including chairs of various types, Baroque sideboards, walnut wood bar cabinets, Portuguese chests, Portugal writing desks, and Portuguese cabinets. These luxury items embody the allure of pre-modern Portuguese or Iberian furniture, captivating discerning individuals worldwide.

Immerse yourself in the distinct beauty of Portuguese furniture at The Great Eastern Home and experience the timeless charm these remarkable pieces bring to any space.


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