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Vita Moderna reveals Vittoria Frigerio’s stunning table range

Vita Moderna reveals Vittoria Frigerio’s stunning table range


Vittoria Frigerio’s Pinto and Corsini tables, which combine classic elegance and contemporary style for opulent homes and businesses, are presented by Vita Moderna.

Vita Moderna, famous for adding a sophisticated touch to lavish living, presents Vittoria Frigerio’s magnificent table collection. Vita Moderna, which was established in 2008, knows what you want from elegant settings and carefully selects the best Italian goods to fit your personal taste.

The Pinto Dining Table is a perfect example of Vittoria Frigerio’s ability to combine classic forms with modern styling. Its geometric base, embellished with quilted metal inlays, pairs beautifully with a variety of stunning finishes to create a centrepiece that commands attention.

The newest piece is the Corsini table, which exhibits exquisite craftsmanship and high-end materials with a stunning contrast between its marble top and intricate metal base. These tables, which are made for elegant interiors, look great in contemporary dining rooms, chic offices, or chic living spaces.

Both tables guarantee strong utility in addition to visual appeal, making them durable enough for regular use in both home and business environments. Purchasing one of the Corsini or Pinto tables is an investment in timeless elegance and flawless craftsmanship, which is a monument to Vittoria Frigerio’s devotion to classic design.

Vittoria Frigerio’s Corsini and Pinto tables are perfect for opulent décor. In addition to being quite attractive to look at, both tables are very practical. Because of their solid design, which guarantees longevity, they are useful for regular use in both personal and professional environments.

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