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An enchanting fusion of indoor and outdoor aesthetics

Residence 145 is an exceptional example of urban residential design in southern Chandigarh. The house’s layout is centred on connected living, with a solid connection to the outdoors established through internal courtyards. Residence 145 is located on a challenging plot in southern Chandigarh, posing zoning and height restrictions. Charged Voids conceptualised the house for three […]

Aranmula mirrors on the walls!

The residence is flawlessly executed, with various coloured aesthetics. This explicit art is placed in New Delhi, and A 39 is a contemporary home reflecting the family tradition. The third-floor flat is refurbished, enlarged, and perforated to link with a rooftop timber cabin—the formal garden on one side and a water body with a fountain […]

Exotic bathrooms designed to highlight

MADS Creation endeavour to deliver a refined lifestyle through our interiors to those who desire to live artistically, surrounded by grace and elegance. Gurgaon-based luxury interior concepts and custom design company MADS Creations has unveiled a luxury bathroom/ walk-in closet that impresses with its clean, sophisticated, and opulent design. A show-stopper from all angles, the […]

Pay10: The Epitome of Timeless Classic Design

The spaces celebrate decadence and minimalism with equal enthusiasm, underscoring the use of wood, wicker, tailored furniture, and light-weight storage solutions — all features synonymous with hallmarks of design upheld at group DCA. The equation between workforces and designed workplaces has witnessed a seismic shift in recent years, all for a good reason. The physical […]

GRAFF’s AMETIS collection makes a statement and adds that perfect amount of elegance to your personal space

GRAFF, the worldwide manufacturer of luxury faucets and shower systems, presents AMETIS, a collection of unique objects that reveal the deep bond between “being” and nature. This life cycle represents the inspiration at thebase of the AMETIS collection designed by the Italian-Swiss designer Davide Oppizzi. This futuristic collection in polished or brushed 24K gold is inspired by […]

The Cristallo Hinge by BLUM for Crystal Clear Designs

Thanks to Cristallo hinges, you can create elegant crystal-clear glass showcases and cabinets with glass or mirror. These high-quality hinges have been specially crafted to suit the needs of the current trends. Be it living rooms or bathrooms, the all new Cristallo hinge gives new possibilities for designing your furniture.  It is a combination of exquisite design, cutting-edge technology, […]