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An enchanting fusion of indoor and outdoor aesthetics

An enchanting fusion of indoor and outdoor aesthetics


Residence 145 is an exceptional example of urban residential design in southern Chandigarh. The house’s layout is centred on connected living, with a solid connection to the outdoors established through internal courtyards.

Residence 145 is located on a challenging plot in southern Chandigarh, posing zoning and height restrictions. Charged Voids conceptualised the house for three generations of a family, with a layout focused on connected living. The internal courtyards connect strongly with the outdoors, while the interior spaces frame beautiful landscape views.

The front of the house is an imposing sight, with monolithic walls made of neutral stone and plain white finishes. The contrast between the two materials creates a striking visual effect that draws the eye and makes a bold statement.

Once inside, Residence 145 impresses with its clever design, featuring carefully separated public and private zones. The central open space is particularly stunning, featuring a beautifully designed courtyard and a clever system of vertical circulation that facilitates natural ventilation throughout the house.

The architects have paid close attention to the wind flow pattern in the area and strategically placed openings to allow for natural light and fresh air to flow through the house. This creates a beautiful sense of connection between the inside and outside spaces, bringing the natural world into the heart of the home.

As one moves through the different zones of the house, the careful balance between privacy and openness becomes apparent. Multiple solids and voids form a sequence of spaces that provide layered privacy while allowing for a feeling of openness and connection. Residence 145 is a remarkable home with clever design details and thoughtful touches that make it beautiful and functional.


for more info visit : https://www.chargedvoids.in/



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