Home Project Profile A fusion of modern luxury with traditional elements
A fusion of modern luxury with traditional elements

A fusion of modern luxury with traditional elements


Serene environment artworks and accent pieces that speak the client’s personality.

MADS Creations designed this project as a lively and luxurious home that was manageable in colours for a young couple. The clients wanted a serene environment filled with artwork and accent pieces expressing their personalities. The neutral colour palette we followed aligned with what our clients had in mind to bring about calmness and harmony in the space.

 The 2,800-sq.-ft. DLF Phase 4 luxurious apartment was a four-bedroom apartment. We converted one bedroom into the TV lounge by breaking down walls to open up the area and make it look more spacious. As you enter the home, you step into the foyer area. Moving into the home’s central area, you are greeted by an expansive, linear space, which we have divided into three specific areas. Next to the living room is the kitchen, which we custom-designed to create a sleek and clean look, which comes from the neutral colour palette we have chosen.

 The bar, which appears to be an accent piece in and of itself, is opposite the kitchen. Adjoining the bar is the family lounge, the most comfortable and inviting space in the home. It is separated from the bar by a metal partition with intricate detailing. The master bedroom is located next to the lounge, with a connection to the balcony. The other two bedrooms are located on the front side of the home. Each has its theme based on a neutral colour palette. 

 The home is a true blend of modern luxury and a few traditional elements, like the mouldings and panels on the walls. The house follows the same colour range with pops of colours, textures, and materials. The open plan allows for using numerous colours and creates a lively and easy theme for the eye. Every space has its theme.

 Every space, including bedrooms, lounges, living, and dining areas, is somehow connected. The theme we have followed gives individual personality to each space and the décor employed there. We have attempted to incorporate plants into every available space in this house. The idea is to add freshness and natural energy to the interiors. Improve the visual impact and quality of the air within the home.


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