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The epitome of classic and luxury space

The epitome of classic and luxury space


The detailing of the work is rich in luxury and elegant in style. 

Azure Interiors incorporates great detail in every property element to create a sense of grandeur. The residence is a two-story house with a carpet area of 6700 square feet in Choubey Colony, Raipur. The client desired a Vastu-compliant home that was both attractive and functional.

At the house’s main gate, one will notice a lot of greenery on the porch with parking space. In the house, the Mandir space is vaguely placed between the sandwiched glass and the entrance of the formal drawing room. The drawing room is designed to be luxurious and elegant. The formal living room is 24 feet tall and impressive. The ground level also includes a kitchen, dining area, and two bedrooms. The first floor includes a common area with sophisticated seats, three bedrooms, and a wide balcony. On the second story, there is a gym, a jacuzzi area, a spa room, and a home theatre.

Although the house’s overall design is contemporary, the materials are rich and timeless. The selenite top on the centre table provides a sense of uniformity throughout the house. In addition, we used a modest amount of materials throughout the house. The same veneer is used in all of the bedrooms and communal areas. The same is true for Italian stone, some textiles, etc. We loved creating an open house with plenty of room and appropriate height.

The space’s theme is understated elegance. We have included a lot of detail in every property element to give it a sense of luxury. We have stayed true to the idea except for the kids’ room, which has an earthy motif.

The house’s entire background is a neutral colour. The formal drawing room has beige tints and tones. On the walls, raw silk wallpaper was used. We chose two pastel-coloured fabrics for the walls in the dining room to give the double-height area a pleasant touch. The double-height TV unit, which is strategically placed against the double-height window and hides the curtain when not in use, is made of Statuario marble. The lift walls are also coated in the same marble. We believe in creating timeless places that convey luxury without going overboard with materials and decorations.


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