Home Project Profile A traditional beauty with a modern flair
A traditional beauty with a  modern flair

A traditional beauty with a modern flair


“A brilliantly designed courtyard for sophisticated living”

Temple Town, a renowned home design company, is pleased to announce the unveiling of its latest masterpiece, a brilliantly curated and designed courtyard. The new courtyard seamlessly blends the main living spaces, such as the living room, dining room, foyer, and bedrooms, while retaining an open view. This design ensures that the space is well-defined and aesthetically pleasing.

The new atrium features a custom-made swing, handcrafted clay tiles, and tall pillars, creating a unique ambience unmatched in the region. The artisanal hand painted ceiling captures the timeless traditional beauty of small towns, making it the perfect spot to relax or entertain. Furthermore, the courtyard serves as insulation from heat and rain, making it beautiful and functional.

The gabled windows, tall pillars, and steep roofs are the key design elements that make the courtyard stand out. These intricate designs incorporate a beautiful mix of stone, wood, and clay, which
is intrinsic to the region, and offers a sense of place and traditional style. As you enter the inner space, you are greeted with an explosion of colour and life.

The area surrounding the courtyard is adorned with flower beds and Ayurvedic plants, further reflecting the region’s cultural richness. With its winding passages on both sides, the veranda creates a warm introduction to the house, inviting you into the vibrant and inviting interior.

Temple Town understands the importance of the courtyard in creating the right ambience for any home. The new courtyard design has been meticulously curated with utmost detailing to add an exquisite touch to the already bespoke home. The new courtyards are a testament to the creativity and attention to detail synonymous with Temple Town, making it the perfect place for those seeking sophistication and elegance in home design.


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