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American Standard KASTELLO Create exceptional bathroom experience

American Standard KASTELLO Create exceptional bathroom experience


KASTELLO combines beauty and technology to infuse elegance, performance, and style to produce long-lasting creations.

The American Standard KASTELLO Collection is a perfect example of the charm of traditional beauty and modern form. It combines technology and sustainable characteristics into a wide range of products made to last, staying true to timeless design.

The KASTELLO faucet by American Standard has ergonomic lines that curve gracefully to complete the overall design. Performance and style come first. Our faucets combine beauty and practicality seamlessly by incorporating technical and environmentally friendly aspects into their designs. The Comfort Move function of the faucet uses a ceramic cartridge to manage the water flow smoothly and consistently while accurately regulating consumption. With the aid of Eco Start, the single-lever faucet brings the idea of environmental friendliness to life. It saves 30 percent of energy by discharging Coldwater first to stop the boiler from heating up. Durashine offers a durable coating of shine that signifies excellence in design while enhancing the delight of aesthetics.

The American Standard KASTELLO basins have a more upscale appearance thanks to the Line characteristic element, which emphasises practicality, increases comfort, and emphasises design. The American Standard KASTELLO toilet blends toughness and beauty like nothing else on the market. It Customers will feel comfort and security using KASTELLO because it delivers the best available hygienic features.

Key Features of the American Standard KASTELLO Toilet

Aqua Ceramic:

An award winning super – hydrophilic technology that prevents dirt and dark ring stains from sticking to ceramic surfaces.

Siphonmax with Power Rim:

For optimal hygiene, Siphonmax flushing technology effectively removes heavy and light wastes. This unique system creates a whirlpool around the bowlby delivering twin torrents of water from two openings. A jet of water is released from below simultaneously, resulting in a second push action.

Comfort Clean-

Effectively kills E. coli bacteria according to tests done with IMSL.

Double Vortex:

Maximum flushing performance, minimum water usage. Dual Flush: A choice between a half flush and a full flush for liquids or solids while still providing superior flushing performance.


for both ecological and economic sense With this new offering from American Standard’s KASTELLO Collection, your bathroom receives better hygiene, better comfort, a distinctive design, durability, and an exquisite visual appeal.

Find out more at: www.americanstandard.in



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